“Israel attacks Gaza and kills civilians”

That is the headline in most western and European media.  They neglect to mention that the Hamas terrorist organization that controls Gaza fired 200 missiles and mortar shells into Israel before Israel retaliated.  About 12 Israeli civilians were injured, no mention of this.  And in destroying a Hamas terrorist HQ in Gaza city, several people were killed, they always emphasize women and children casualties.  Although given their propensity to lie one cannot trust their reports.

As I have pointed out before, in Israel it is mandatory that all public buildings have shelters and all new private homes.  For the first time I used the protected room (mamad) in my house, when on Friday at 3 pm I was awakened by the shrill sound of the siren indicating a missile attack.  I sat in there for about 10 mins, but hearing no further sounds and needing a cup of tea I went into the kitchen and said a silent “screw you” to the terrorists and indulged.

By contrast in Gaza they not only don’t make civilian’s shelters, they actually use the population, especially women and children, as shields for the launching pads of the missiles and the inflammatory balloons and kites that they have been sending over to Israel to destroy crops and houses. That is why there are always women and children killed, they are willing to sacrifice them as pawns, and anyway they are considered property under Islamic Sharia Law.   This is something that the good western liberals don’t get, there is no humanitarian problem in the Arab world, since the people being sacrificed are not considered human anyway.   They are little more than animals, in fact in Islamic Law donkeys are more valuable than second or third wives.