Russian-Israel Agreement on Golan

After negotiations, Israel has agreed to Russian terms for keeping Iranian forces away from the Israeli Golan border.  At first Israel insisted on a separation of more than 100 km.  But, finally PM Netanyahu accepted a distance of 85 km, but this was only after Pres. Putin agreed to have Russian military police stationed on the Golan Heights to ensure Iranian compliance.

This is a great outcome because it hopefully guarantees that Iran cannot take advantage of its position as a supporter of Pres. Assad to entrench itself on the Golan close to the Israeli border.  Iran has for many years been uttering dire threats of destruction against Israel. With a Russian presence there, as long as they keep to the agreement, then it means there is no possibility of Iran being able to amass troops along the border and invade Israel.  Of course, it doesn’t stop them from firing long-range missiles into Israel from Syria, but Israel has anti-missile missiles that can effectively counteract such attacks.

Of course, this does not mean the end of potential serious threats from Iran, particularly over its intention to develop nuclear weapons.  As the spectacular Israeli haul of a ton of secret documents taken out of a locked, guarded, high security facility in Tehran proves, the regime is still very actively continuing this aim.  But, things are coming to a climax in that direction too, because Iran has so far done nothing in retaliation to the US under Pres. Trump withdrawing from the JCPOA. the multi-party international agreement made by Pres. Obama, that would have given Iran an open-ended access to develop nuclear weapons upon its termination.

They must react soon, or otherwise lose all credibility.  But, they are in a bind, because Pres. Trump has used belligerent language, the opposite from what Obama was doing, regarding Iranian threats to close the Gulf of Hormuz, through which some 30% of all the world’s oil supply flows (from Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran itself).   Trump has indicated that such a move by Iran would be considered an act of war and would have disastrous consequences for the free world.  So the chips are down, will Iran try to out-maneuver Russia on the Golan, or Trump in the Persian Gulf and will they continue their drive for nuclear weaponry?  The ball is in their court.