The Nasty NGO Business

NGO’s or Non-Governmental Organizations, have become a big business, and particularly in the anti-Israel political game as it is played in the international arena.  In Israel and the West Bank there are ca. 100 NGO’s dealing with the general topic of “human rights,” which is a  euphemism for being anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.  This is more NGO’s per capita than there are in any other country in  the world.

There are only three NGO’s that are right-wing and the rest are left-wing.  Some are run by Israeli Jews, such as B’tselem, and some are run by Arabs, such as Adalah, but all of them are anti-Israel.  Almost all of their funding comes from foreign interests, including the EU, Germany, Sweden and the USA.  Thru this means, by funding buildings for Arabs (never Jews) and providing funding for “refugees” so that they can participate in demonstrations, these NGO’s strive to undermine and demonize Israel.  It is difficult to conceive that there is any other reason for their activities and for this funding other than the destruction of Israel and the death of its Jewish inhabitants. Hundreds of millions of dollars are poured into these NGO’s by foreign governments and private organizations. Nazi aims accomplished by other means.

For example, these NGO’s, under the cover of being humanitarian, organize demonstrations and publicize them thru connections with the liberal media .  Let me repeat that, they actually organize protests, such as that recurring at the Palestinian village of Bi’ilin, supposedly against the “wall” which is in fact a security fence, that was moved from its original location to accommodate the villagers by an Israel Supreme Court decision.  Yet, the demonstrations still go on, the NGO’s bring in volunteers, prepare signs for them protesting Israeli “occupation” and provide them with ample stones and other projectiles to throw at Israeli soldiers guarding their posts.  Then when the soldiers retaliate, as they ultimately must, they have the media lined up to take negative photos showing the IDF as being “repressive.”  Once they have the photos the media withdraw and the demonstration is over. For further details of this whole orchestrated process read “Catch the Jew” by Tuvia Tenenbom, who documents the culpability of the NGO’s by pretending to be a German journalist (actually he is a German journalist, but he has to hides the fact that he is a Jew).

What is most disturbing about these NGO’s is that they take it upon themselves to support Israel’s enemies as a part of the Palestinian movement and in cooperation with the most extreme anti-Israel positions.  For example, the UN Security Council is considering a resolution proposed by the Palestine Authority to force Israel to accept a Palestinian State and defining its borders without any Israeli input.  This is based on the assertion that all the Jewish settlements are illegal, which is untrue under international law, and which is contrary to all previous UN SC resolutions that require bilateral negotiations to determine the borders.

The Israeli Jewish NGO B’tselem gave secret testimony to the UN SC prior to the vote supporting the Palestinian resolution.  They may not agree with the Jewish settlements on the West Bank, but they are not authorized to give testimony before the UN SC. This is not only anti-Israel, but it is traitorous (like Lord Haw-Haw or Tokyo Rose broadcasting for the enemy in WWII).  This organization, funded largely by Germany, should be disbanded and its members tried for treason. This is madness.  No country allows its private citizens to give evidence against it before the  UN SC.  Why should Israel?  Currently a law is being considered in the Knesset to take action against Israeli citizens who endanger their own country in this way.

The Empires Strike Back

There was a short time after the collapse of communism in Russia when the USA was the only superpower in the world and its influence was dominant.  Then came Pres. Obama, apologizing for American power and accepting America’s enemies description of its supposed abuse of its power. Now, as a result we have chaos in the international arena. Former Empires are reasserting themselves, filling the power vacuum, to the detriment of the people of smaller countries and to the loss of American deterrence.

Consider these former Empires: Russia, China, Iran and Turkey. They are all today controlled by regimes and individuals that are expansionist and have indeed started to expand.  Let’s first take Russia, Pres. Putin has taken over the Crimea from the Ukraine and has occupied Eastern Ukraine.  Good democrats of course will argue that the people of these regions want to be Russian, but that’s not the point, the point is that these regions were under Ukrainian sovereignty and that has been breached in defiance of international law.  Can we allow any country to decide that it wants part of another country, this will end in chaos and war.  In addition, Russia’s base on the Syrian coast at Tartus has become the excuse for Russia to intervene in the Syrian Civil War on the side of the Assad regime. Now Russia is asserting itself in the Mediterranean region, where it always wanted to expand.

Turkey is controlled by a pro-Islamic dictator named Erdogan.  He has imperial ambitions, and has sent his army into Syria and Iraq that Turkey used to control long ago, in order to prevent the Kurds from establishing a sovereign entity there.  He will no doubt wage a war to take over these areas if the Kurds declare independence.  Meanwhile, although Turkey is economically moribund, Erdogan looks to enhance Turkish ambitions wherever he can.

Similarly Iran, now under the Shia Muslim sect, but remembering the former greatness of the Persian Empires, the Ayatollahs seek to expand, at the expense of the inferior Sunni Muslim countries surrounding them.  Iran now controls an arc across the Middle East, including Iraq, that has a Shia-dominated Government, Syria, that has the pro-Shia Assad regime and the Hezbollah Shia militia in Lebanon.  Also, Iran has expanded its influence to Yemen in league with the Houthis, who control the capital Sana’a, and by doing so has encircled the leading Sunni Arab State of Saudi Arabia.  A new Persian Empire in the making?

Finally China, that has been asserting its new-found naval influence in the South China Sea, where is has taken over several small islands and has built landing strips and military bases.  The Philippines and other countries also claimed sovereignty over the Spratly Islands, but in order to achieve that Pres. Duterte of the Philippines has changed his alliance from the US to China, and in exchange has been given some concessions in these islands. Soon he will order all American forces out of the Philippines.

So if we tot up how many countries has Obama lost: Iraq to Iran, Syria to Russia, Philippines to China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  And Germany is slowly building its own European Empire, called the EU, this time economically rather than militarily.


The Last Debate

Most opinion agrees that the last debate was the best of the three.  Chris Wallace did a great job in trying to keep it moving along and civil.  He asked more questions of substance than before and the answers he got were for the most part more on policy than on personal trivia.

Since I wrote my last analysis of the candidates, more women have come forward to accuse Trump.  However, it is difficult if not impossible to know whether or not they are honest. What is most disturbing is that a tape has been revealed that implicates the Clinton campaign in paying people to go to Trump rallies and deliberately disrupt them, including with violence.  If they do this, they are not above paying some women to accuse Trump.

In this debate the camera focussed on the candidate’s faces almost exclusively, and this was better.  Clinton appeared smiley and perky while Donald was more dour and bussiness-like.  He dressed in a dark suit, while she had her blonde hair and light suit that made a contrast. But, as far as the subject matter was concerned, she appeared to me to be too glib, always having a smooth answer, indicating lots of coaching, while he was as usual more spontaneous and more accusatory.

It is really impossible to say who won this debate since it depends so much on partisan opinions.  Whatever she says I don’t believe her, and whatever Trump says I am sure feminist liberals would completely discount it.  Of course, most of the media is liberal. What got most media attention was Trump’s refusal to acknowledge in advance that he would accept the outcome of the vote if it goes against him.  This is unprecedented.  Yet, he is on record as having twice agreed “absolutely” that he would accept it.  So this is merely a case of Trump manipulating the media.  Will this get him more support, I very much doubt it.

Since it has been said that no  President can be elected without the women’s vote, I fear that we are in for a Hillary Clinton victory.  But, don’t worry, she will have Barack Obama to advise her on foreign and domestic policy, Bill Clinton to advise her on moral issues and Huma Abedin and Max Blumenthal to advise her on the Middle East!

Leaping lizards

I got up in the middle of the night, at 3 am, to go to the toilet.  As I was walking into the corridor I saw something move across my path.  I quickly jumped so as not to tread on it. It gave me a fright.

We have a night-light in the corridor so my wife can find the toilet in case she gets up, so I switched the main light on and I was expecting to see a cockroach, but in fact it was a lizard.  It was about 3 inches (7 cm) long and a very light beigy-green color and it had stopped in the corner of the wall just above the wainscoting (I love that word).

At first I was inclined to let it go, and I touched its tail to make it run away, but it didn’t budge, I suppose it felt safe there.   But then I thought, I don’t like lizards running around in my house, so I ran into the kitchen and brought a plastic container and I thought I could catch it in that.  So I tried, but because it was in the corner I could not.  Then it suddenly tried to make a break for it and ran diagonally across the wall, and as it paused momentarily I managed to catch it under the plastic container.

By this time, hearing the commotion, my wife was awake, so I asked her to come and hold the plastic container against the wall while I went and found a piece of cardboard. Then I slid the cardboard between the container and the wall and it was trapped.  I did not eat it because it was Yom Kippur.  Anyway, I don’t think lizards are kosher, they don’t have cloven-hooves or scales.

I took it to the merpeset (balcony) and threw it over.  I hope it did not harm it, since my aim was to save it, but not in my house.  I hope it told it’s friends “don’t go to apt. 5, there’s a crazy guy there who will catch you and throw you over the balcony.”  But, then I also thought, it’s large daddy or mummy lizard might come looking for it, a kind of Kimodo dragon monster.  With those thoughts in my mind I found it hard to get back to sleep.

Beyond Mosul

Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq, located in northern Iraq with a mixed Sunni Arab and Kurdish population of ca. 2 million.  It has been under the control of the Islamic State since the Iraqi Army collapsed in 2014.  Now the new American-supported Iraqi Army, largely made up of Shia Iraqis from the south, together with a motley krew of Iranian trained Shia militias, Kurdish Pesh Merga from the Autonomous Kurdish Region in the north of Iraq, PKK Kurdish fighters from Turkey and Sunni Arab former Iraqi Army soldiers from Saddam Hussein’s time, are all gearing up to take Mosul back from IS.  It won’t be an easy fight, the IS are known for their fanatical resistance, but the over-whelming odds are against them, especially with US air support for the ground invasion.

Given the almost certain ultimate defeat of IS, the big question is, what happens next? That is the really difficult and complex question.  This analysis is based on an excellent article by Jonathan Spyer, Head of the Rubin Center of the Inter-Disciplinary Center at Herzliya, which appeared in the Jerusalem Report and the Gloria Center (see  In this Spyer attempts to dissect out the threads of the various interest groups and how they will fare both in the fighting for Mosul and particularly in its aftermath.  Will the US-backed Iraqi Army win, will the Kurds take more territory and keep it, will the Sunnis try to reassert their former dominance, or will the Iranian-backed Shia militias come out on top?

If the Iraqi Army does well with US support, then the Shia-dominated Government of Pres. Masum will regain dominance, with further US and Western support.  If the Pesh Merga do well then the Kurds will expand their area of control against the wishes of the central Iraqi Government, possibly leading to the break-up of Iraq itself.  If the PKK do well the Turks and the Pesh Merga will be discomfited.  If the Shia militias do well then the Iranians will expand their influence.  So after IS is defeated and the dust settles there may well be a civil war in northern Iraq, that could involve all of the anti-IS combatants, namely the Iraqi Army, the Shia militias, the Sunnis, and the Kurds in various combinations   And you thought the civil war in Syria was a mess.

The UNESCO Ruling on Jerusalem

UNESCO, the UN so-called “educational, scientific and cultural” organization, has declared that Jews have no historic connection with the Temple Mount, the holiest shrine in Judaism.  I am glad they did this, because it shows the lows to which the Muslim-dominated UN has sunken by denying reality and facts that are known to every school child. It should show those leftist and liberal Westerners, including many Jews, who are associated with the Muslims that they are people who deny reality in furtherance of political aims, that include not only denying Israel’s existence, but also denying Jews the right to exist.

While they are at it, I propose some modest further resolutions for the majority of Muslim dictatorships to pass at the UN:

  1. The moon is made of cheese – well-known to all UN Muslim members
  2. The earth is flat – because Mohammed said it was
  3. Christians have no connection to Jerusalem – only Muslims have rights there
  4. The Holocaust in WWII did not happen – but there will be a Holocaust in the future because the Jews are so evil.
  5. The Great Wall of China does not belong to the Chinese.
  6. The Eiffel Tower in Paris was built by Muslims 
  7. The House of Congress in Washington DC was originally a mosque
  8. Islam is a religion of peace

I could go on, but you get my meaning.  The Muslims in this respect.are no worse than those dictatorships of the past that perverted facts for political ends, the Nazis and the Communists.  Note that the UN was founded after WWII on the  Judeo-Christian principle that all-out war that murders millions of people is not only morally wrong, but must be stopped.  However, because of its democratic basis, the UN has been hijacked by the Muslim majority and the rest of the world is too cowed to do anything to oppose them.  Only a handful of states had the courage to vote against this absurd resolution.

It is a common trait that those who are evil, in order to cover up their true motives, ascribe their own faults to their enemies.  For example, Hitler in a speech said “If the Jews want war, we’ll give it to them…”  Thus, if you search the Koran you will find NO mention of Jerusalem!  Note that Jerusalem was captured by the Muslims in 639 ce, 7 years AFTER the death of Mohammed (unless the Muslims want to change the dates).  So that the myth that Mohammed visited the Mosque of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is impossible. It is based on a story in the Koran that he visited “the northern-most mosque” which at that time was in Arabia, and it is a ridiculous stretch to identify that with Jerusalem, which at that time had NO mosque!!!  The Dome of the Rock was not constructed until 691 ce. So if anyone has NO connection to Jerusalem it is the Muslims, theirs was purely invented after the fact.

Note that there are several aspects of Muslim Sharia Law that are objectionable, first is that all non-Muslims are infidels and can be killed unless they accept Islam, and second is that the penalty for apostasy (changing your religion from Islam) is death!  This is how Islam spread and became a majority, kill all those who disagree and all those who want to leave.  Quite different from the Judeo-Christian tradition (although the Inquisition was no better).  Whoever said that Islam is a religion of “peace.”





Disproportionate force!

Which is the only country in the world accused of using disproportionate force?  The answer is, of course, Israel.  Yet the Russians are blasting Aleppo to rubble, killing up to 200 people a day, with no effective resistance (the rebels have no air force and no anti-aircraft weapons), and yet NO-ONE has accused them of using disproportionate force!  Not only that, the Russians and their Syrian allies have been committing war crimes, by deliberately targeting hospitals and humanitarian convoys, to which they had previously given approval.

As UK FM Boris Johnson pointed out in the House of Commons, the attack on the convoy occurred at night and only the Russians have the ability to hit targets at night.  This is not an alleged war crime as is so often levelled against Israel because of an errant shell, this is deliberate bombing of humanitarian targets, yet where are the demonstrations, as Boris Johnson pointed out, there are none at Russian embassies.  Where are the “human rights” activists who tear down symbols of capitalism whenever Israel counter-attacks its enemies after receiving thousands of missiles fired at its population centers?  In other words, it’s not really human rights that they are concerned about (as we knew anyway), and the Russians can get away with murder, literally, and the moral crusaders don’t care.

I have no special concern for Syrian civilians, by and large they hate us, as Israelis and Jews, and they would certainly kill us if they could. But, what disturbs me is the careless double standard.  Russia can bomb a large city originally containing 2 million people, now reduced to some 250,000, and continue to hit hospitals and convoys whenever it wants, and not a peep out of the holier-than-thou human rights movements and the usual suspects, always willing to come out to demonstrate against the one small Jewish state surrounded by evil enemies. And when Pres. Putin occupies Crimea and attacks Eastern Ukraine, not a whimper, and when he goes further and grounds Aleppo into the dust, killing mostly women and children on a daily basis, not a sound from the anti-war coalition.  Note that the US “shock and awe” campaign against Iraq in the Gulf War was another case of the use of disproportionate force when tens of thousands of civilians were killed, but that was quickly glossed over.

In its Operation Defensive Shield against Gaza by common agreement ca. 2,200 people were killed.  But, of these at least 800 were Hamas and other combatants (usually operating in civilian  clothes), so ca. 1,400 civilians were apparently killed in a densely populated small area.  And there were wide-spread organized demonstrations throughout the Western world, some of which were violent and destructive.  But, in Syria, ca. 650,000 people have been killed at a conservative estimate in 5 years of war, and not a single major anti-war demonstration has been seen.  This is blatant hypocrisy!