America is an Apartheid State

If Israel is an “apartheid” state then so is America, and in that case so is Britain and Canada and Australia, and most of the world.  The word “apartheid” was coined by the Afrikaners to describe the state of keeping the Black and White races apart in South Africa.  It really has no relevance whatsoever for Israel, nor for America and the others.

My wife is in a Home; at the Home the nurses are totally mixed, there are some with  black skin and some with white.  The blacks are both Beduin Arabs and Ethiopian Jews.  The whites are both Israeli and Russian Jews.  They all work together without any problem and indeed the Head nurse is a Beduin man.  So what?  It makes no difference to me or anybody else here.  We all get along without any problem.

Beer Sheva is a big city, where there are Beduin Arabs working in every sphere, from bus drivers to doctors, from store clerks to university professors. Anyone can visit and see for themselves, just buy a ticket or look on Google.  The very concept of such a state as “apartheid” is so irrelevant that it is childish nonsense.  Ah, but then I know that it is not meant to be taken literally.  It is a political slogan, a statement of opposition, even hatred, of Israel as a Jewish State.  Let’s tell it like it is, those who bandy around this slogan are ignorant, ideological haters, pure and simple. They aren’t interested in the truth, the facts, the reality, they are only interested in pushing their leftist agenda.

What is this agenda? That Israel is a creation of the imperialist West, that it is a colonial incursion into the poor, simple Arab’s domain.  That the Palestinians are more deserving of support above all other refugees (Syrians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Afghanis, Rohingya, Black Africans) because they are a leftist cause.  That if we can defeat Israel, which is a weak link in the Western imperialist structure, through the use of propaganda, boycotts and even terrorism, then we can begin to undermine and break the Western imperialist control of the world!  On to revolution!!  What a lot of poppycock (do people actually believe this rubbish?)

Not only is Israel a working democracy where minority rights are protected, with Arab representatives (some of whom hate Israel itself) in the Knesset, but it is also one of the strongest of Western outposts.  It protects the very rights not only of free speech at home, but the free speech of those who excoriate it.  If a Palestine State were to be established it would be anti-Western, anti-American, and probably a failed corrupt State like most of the Arab Muslim States, but also a magnet for all kinds of terrorists.  Killing each other, killing Palestinians, killing Jews and any westerners with the best of intentions who venture there (like the “kindness tour” cyclists who were murdered in Tajikistan).

Two examples of Israel’s strength, yesterday it was announced that PepsiCo have paid b$3.2 (that’s billion) to buy Soda Stream, the Israeli Company that was driven out of the West Bank by the BDS movement and is now located near Rahat, a Beduin town just north of Beer Sheva (and employs mostly Beduin Arabs).  Israel has just completed exercises with the European air forces and the Greek Navy.  Israel is here to stay, and will be here long after these stupid propaganda labels are long forgotten.