About Jack Cohen, “the bourgeois artist”

Self Portrait

Jack Cohen was born in London, England, and studied art at high school. He chose a career in science and only returned to art many years later when he settled in the Washington DC area. He took courses at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC, the Jewish Community Center, Rockville MD and Montgomery College. On moving to Netanya in 1995 he studied at the Art Institute with Alex Umanski.

Many of the oil paintings of Jack Cohen contain geometric elements intermixed with other more abstract components. This has been described as his scientific/analytical side in tension with his creative/artistic side. Some of the early works are brightly colored, while the later works tend to be more subdued. A prominent theme of his latest works is shadows and the abstract nature of some aspects of reality. He has also had solo shows in 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2014 (see list on left).

Jack has been writing in his spare time for many years and recently gathered together his works and published them. They are available on-line, including his auto-biographical novel “Amanuensis,” (2009) his collections of short stories “Discovering America” and “Trove,” (2009), his memoir “Confessions of a Jewish Activist” (2010) and his most recent publication “Antisense” (2014). For further details click on the item on the left-hand list.
*Why “the bourgeois artist”? Because when I was a teenager I was advised that artists starve and so I pursued a career in science. Only when I retired did I return seriously to painting.


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