Short Trips Around Small Countries: Summary

In recent blog posts I have described my short trips around some small countries, namely: Holland, Wales, Norway, Japan, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, Jordan and Israel.  In addition I have previously described my trips around Croatia (June 14-15, 2012) and Portugal (May 13, 2013).  That’s 11 countries.  I could also describe Greece, and Hong Kong, but have decided to stop for now..

I have also visited some not-so-small countries: England (where I grew up), India, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Serbia, Australia, Canada and the USA (where I lived for 30 years) But, it is not my intention to write about these large countries.

Places I have not visited include Central and South America (Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay), China, South East Asia (Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc,), as well as North Africa (Tunisia), the Gulf States (Bahrain, Abu Dhabi), central Asia (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia) and New Zealand.

If some travel book publisher would like to publish these blog articles as a book, including photos, please contact me.  I might be amenable to travel to some of the countries I mentioned that I have not so far visited, with an appropriate budget.  One can only try.