Another staged incident

The worst incident that occurred during the Gaza War last summer that has been called a war crime was the killing of four boys who were playing soccer on the beach.   They were supposedly killed by an IAF jet that flew over and either shot them or dropped a bomb on them.  The IDF has conducted an internal investigation, Israeli army spokesperson released a statement on Facebook that said the army had broken no laws by killing the boys (see  However, an independent forensic analysis of this incident has been published by Thomas Wictor, a French journalist, that casts severe doubt on the veracity of this incident (   There are three main reasons why this incident has been considered to have been staged:

  1. There are many photos and videos of the site on the beach where the incident took place prior to the supposed attack showing many media people, journalists and photographers, milling around on the beach.   Some estimates are between 30-50 media there on this isolated beach prior to the incident occurring.  This is strange, but repeats the pattern of prior warning of something about to happen that is characteristic of staged incidents. There are no pictures or videos of the boys actually playing soccer on the beach.
  2. Photographs of the four boys who were killed shows them lying on the beach, but with no blood on the sand and no disturbance of the flat sand around them.  If they were killed by aircraft fire or particularly by bombs then there would be craters around them or the sand would be greatly disturbed, but that is not the case.  The sand around their bodies is flat, undisturbed and shows no blood pools or spatter.
  3. The boys’ bodies are covered in clearly seen round circular holes, but are not generally mangled or destroyed in any way.  Apart from the circular holes they are intact.  This is certainly not the kind of  damage that would be inflicted by Israeli munitions, either shells, bullets or bombs.  On the contrary, it is absolutely characteristic of the kind of injuries inflicted by Hamas projectiles, rockets or missiles, which they fill with ball bearings.  Such injuries have been seen on Israeli casualties and are deliberately caused to inflict major injury.

As a result of this evidence the analysis concluded that the boys had been killed elsewhere by a Palestinian, probably Hamas, rocket, and their bodies had been placed on the beach with a prior warning to the media to be there to photograph them. The claim that the IAF was intending to attack a small tin shack nearby is spurious for two reasons, first it was far from the scene of any action and second if the IAF wanted to attack it it would have been destroyed, but it was not damaged at all.

Given the large number of incidents staged by the Palestinians in each and every conflict, neither we nor the media should be surprised by this outcome.  Once again the western (so-called free) media has been willingly used and public opinion has been manipulated against Israel.


4 thoughts on “Another staged incident

  1. This subject makes me seethe. I looked at the website of Thomas Wictor that you gave a link for and out of interest wonder why he is interested in this subject? Would you know.


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