Trump insults

There have been many – too many – insults of President Trump by the liberal media that go beyond the realm of decency and fair comment.  For example:

  1. There was the supposed comedienne Kathy Griffin who thought it funny to show a gruesome decapitated head of a replica of Donald Trump covered in (fake) blood. This is what passes for funny among liberals?  She was fired last May by CNN and claims that Trump ruined her life.  Good!
  2. Megan Kelly of Fox News who moderated the first Presidential debate in the 2017 campaign claims Donald Trump was angry that her questions to him were deliberately antagonistic.  She eventually left Fox and moved to NBC.  That’s an improvement?
  3. MSNBC morning show host Mika Brzezinski has been constantly criticizing and demeaning Pres. Trump, calling him “a liar” and “mentally ill.”  The president has shot back with tweets calling her “low I.Q. crazy Mika” and claimed that she had been “bleeding badly from a face-lift” during a social gathering at Mr. Trump’s resort in Florida around New Year’s Eve. A White House spokeswoman said Ms. Brzezinski deserved a rebuke because of her show’s harsh stance on Pres. Trump.
  4. CNN commentator Reza Aslan felt it was justified to call Pres. Trump “a piece of shit.  He’s not just an embarrassment to America he’s an embarrassment to mankind!” Aslan was subsequently fired.  CNN has had so many complaints that the network  is now in trouble.
  5. MSNBC host Chris Matthews compared Pres. Donald Trump to a long line of power-hungry politicians, including Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.  Speaking of nepotism and the amount of power that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner seems to wield, Matthews remarked, “So the son-in-law — you know, one good thing Mussolini did was execute his son-in-law.”  “I mean, I’m talking about Ciano,” he added, referring to Galeazzo Ciano, whom Mussolini had executed in 1944 after a sham trial found him guilty of treason.

I agree that Pres. Trump is different and some of his tweets are inappropriate and un-presidential and I wish he would stop making them.  But, given the level of invective that he has been subjected to, I can at least understand his need to counter-attack and vent. What do you think would have been the reaction if any media had attacked former Pres. Obama in this way?

And yet Obama, for all his intellectuality, was a miserable failure as a President.  He was indecisive, an ineffective leader, and he allowed Russia to go into Syria (his famous “red line”) which resulted in the worsening of the civil war and caused hundreds of thousands of casualties, he allowed China to build military bases on islands in the South China Sea, he did nothing as North Korea continued to flout UN and US warnings in developing nuclear weapons, he made an agreement that allowed Iran to eventually develop nuclear weapons, and he allowed the US economy to sink.  The coastal elites in America have not yet begun to realize that most of middle America (that part between the coasts) voted for and support Donald Trump and like the way he counter-attacks the elitist liberal media.

No Sanctuary Cities

The very concept of Sanctuary Cities is a contradiction of US Federal Law.  How can you have some cities operating under one law and others unilaterally deciding to operate under another law?  Federal Law in the USA applies to all of the USA, not just some of it and not just to those areas that have decided that they are liberal and don’t like a rightist Republican Administration such as that of Pres. Trump.  Suppose a city decided that murder was no longer a capital offense, or a Muslim majority decided that they wanted Sharia Law, would that be acceptable.  Of course not!

The No-Sanctuary for Criminals Act and Kate’s Law were passed by a majority in the House of Representatives because an illegal Mexican immigrant who had been expelled five times from the US and had previously been convicted seven times, murdered a young American woman Kate Steinle in front of her father.  Every American should fear for his/her children given the current situation of revolving door entry, where illegal immigrants are deported even if convicted of a violent crime and then return almost immediately.  In order to stop this Kate’s Law mandates severe penalties of jail time.

But, what would be the point of the House passing this Bill if a city such as Chicago or San Francisco can decide they are Sanctuary Cities and they will allow illegal immigrants who have committed crimes to enter and stay there.  It would negate Federal Law, and the Administration is in order to remove Federal funding from those cities in order to enforce their cooperation, ensure the application of Federal Law and the reversal of the Sanctuary City concept.  There must be one law for all, and that law should ensure that illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the USA are suitably punished and not allowed to go free to repeat their crimes.

Trump’s turnaround?

Maybe things are turning around for Pres. Trump:

  1.  The Supreme Court reinstated most of the provisions of Trump’s streamlined immigration policy covering citizens of six Muslim nations, mostly where there is civil war and/or violent insurrection.  This was intended to keep out potential terrorists, and is not an “anti-Muslim ban” as it has been termed by Trump’s enemies (mostly democrats and the media), since citizens of most Muslim countries are not affected.  Contrary to several liberal-leaning local federal courts that ruled this policy unconstitutional, the Supreme Court ruled that it was basically acceptable, but added a rider that citizens of those countries affected that can show a prior connection to the US, either through close family ties or business dealings will be temporarily exempt. 
  2. The ongoing media furor over the supposed covert connection between the Trump Presidential campaign and Russia has proven to be all hot-air.  Three CNN reporters resigned because of a ‘fake’ story that mistakenly implicated a friend of Trump and now the tenure of the Head of CNN itself is said to be tenuous. CNN and other reporters have deliberately attacked the President in press conferences in a most unseemly and rude manner.  This must stop.
  3. The Health-Care Bill is gradually taking shape despite Democratic opposition and Republican schisms.  It was supposed to start as a ObamaCare retraction followed by a new Health Care system.  But it got very complex, although it may finally be coming to a resolution just before this July 4 in two separate Bills.
  4. The Trump Tax Bill is being worked on in parallel with the Healthcare Bill so that there will not be a long delay after the Healthcare Bill is passed before the Tax legislation is ready.  Since it includes tax cuts as well as changes in the tax code there hopefully won’t be so much opposition.

Trans-Atlantic Differences

Since I grew up in Britain and spent most of my adult life in the US, I tend to watch the news from both countries.  At present they could not be more different.

The news from Britain is all about Brexit, PM Theresa May’s challenges and its consequences, with a secondary item about the fire at Grenfall Tower in London where up to now 79 people are known to have died.   The current conclusion, that seems obvious, is that the cladding they put on the building in 2016 was not fire-resistant and this caused the fire to spread very quickly, trapping many people on the top floors.   There is brief mention of Pres. Trump, usually emphasizing his problems.

In the US, the news is dominated by Pres. Trump’s problems, how Congressional Committees are investigating his terrible deeds, how he gave secrets to the Russians and how he is decimating the healthcare system of the USA.  The bias in the news reports is incredible, one recent example was a commentator who compared Trump to the Communist dictator of North Korea.  There is only one channel, Fox, that has a semblance of balance in its news reports, MSNBC and CNN have no consideration for the fact that Trump is the elected President of the USA, they clearly regard him as the enemy. Brexit is occasionally mentioned in the US news.

It is not unexpected that there is a different agenda and a distinct set of news stories in each of these two countries.  But, the current emphasis is so different that there is really hardly any overlap.  In a way this is bad, since it means that the alliance between Britain and America is weakened by their lack of common interests.


The Shooting in Virginia

There was a deliberate shooting on the number three Republican politician in the US Government, Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Republican majority whip.   Four others were shot including two Capital guards and the shooter was killed. The irony is that this was carried out by a leftist/Democrat supporter, who has taken a gun and gone to exact political revenge, yet it is the Democrats who generally support gun control, while the Republicans support the right to bear arms.

The shooter was a 66-year-old man from Illinois James T. Hodgkinson, who before opening fire checked that those playing baseball on the field were Republicans.  Does someone journey from Illinois to Washington with a rifle and randomly happen to find a group of senior Republicans early in the morning in baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia?  No, this was highly politically motivated and I personally blame the left, the entire left, for making a toxic environment in Washington, where even the legitimacy of the election of Pres. Trump is not only called into question, but they have found excuses to oppose almost everything that Trump has set out to do, on immigration, on healthcare, on tax reform and on security.

And they have started hearings on practically every action that has occurred, including the bogus Russian collusion of the Trump campaign, the investigation of Comey’s firing, the questioning of Secty. Sessions.  It is becoming ridiculous the extent that the Democrats have tied the political process up in knots and prevented any cooperation and progress.  If the Democrats think this is going to help them electorally they will have a great shock coming.  The American people want to see progress, not the continuation of stalemate and highly partisan politics.

As to this politically motivated shooting, it appears that this individual had even threatened the life of President Trump on his Facebook page, and nothing happened. Where is the US Government that is supposed to be monitoring all our actions and statements, why was nothing done about this, was it sheer incompetence on the part of the security services or was it a Democrat who made the decision to let it go?  Important questions need to be asked and answered.  How can a comedienne think it was acceptable to joke about beheading the President and show a bloody head on TV, how can a political commentator Reza Aslan swear against the President in public? These are unfortunately not rare incidents, such a political atmosphere has consequences. This must stop!!

This situation reminds me of the time before the assassination of PM Rabin in Israel in 1997 when the right had stoked up a fervor of anti-Rabin rhetoric, showing him wearing a Nazi uniform, and calling him a traitor for giving away Israeli territory to the Palestinian enemy.  I do not say that the assassination was right, but they were politically correct, because all we got from that unilateral withdrawal from Gaza was rockets from Hamas and eventually another war.  No reciprocation, no negotiations, no peace.  We don’t want a similar political situation in the USA, yet that is what has been whipped up by the Democrats and the liberal media in pursuance of their hatred of Pres. Trump.

Comey’s Testimony

We did learn a few things from the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee:

  1. There was not and never has been any investigation of Pres. Trump in relation to alleged Russian interference in the 2017 election.
  2. James Comey implicated himself in leaking private and possibly classified information about his confidential conversations with the President to his friends and deliberately had them leaked to the press.
  3. What Comey reported that Trump said to him was not interference in the normal procedures of Government nor do they amount to any kind of obstruction of justice.
  4. It is normal and usual for incoming Administrations to make contacts with key foreign States prior to their formal inauguration.
  5. It is usual for these contacts to be considered private and confidential.

The conclusion of all this is that the whole Russian interference story is a hoax.  Although several FBI leaders have stated that they are sure that the Russians did try to interfere in the elections (for example by hacking and leaking the e-mails of DNC leaders) no evidence whatsoever has been presented that there was any connivance of any member of the Trump Campaign in these alleged Russian actions.

My further conclusion is that this is a story that has been hyped by the anti-Trump liberal press, with the collusion of people like Comey and other anti-Trump members of Congress and the Democratic Party.  Particularly, this is a media-induced smokescreen to divert attention away from the much more serious and potentially damaging story of the investigation into the misuse by former Secty. of State Hillary Clinton of a non-secure private server in contravention of US Government laws.  It is highly suspicious that all media attention has been focused on this “Russian connection” non-story, while the Clinton e-mail criminal story has received no attention whatsoever.

I am not one who generally believes in “conspiracy theories.”  However, the actions of Comey and other members of the political  establishment seem to be calculated to undermine the credibility and capability of the elected President.  All such deliberate leakers as Comey should be indicted and charged to the maximum extent of the law.


Trump Disappoints

It is not unusual for any candidate for election to break his campaign promises, but for Pres. Trump these could be serious.  After all he has little support from the coastal democratic elites and the liberal media.  Some Jews rallied to his side because he offered such an apparent opposition to the policies of Pres. Obama.  Two promises particularly have galvanized pro-Israel support for Trump, the unequivocal statement that he would move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital Jerusalem, and the promise that he would not pressure Israel into accepting conditions that were against its interests in order to force a so-called peace agreement.  On both counts Trump has disappointed these followers, supporters that he can ill afford to lose.

Trump has opted to sign the waiver provided for every 6 months by the law passed by Congress in 1995 that would transfer the Embassy to Jerusalem.  It is up to the President to decide whether or not it is time to make this transfer.  I don’t think when the Bill was signed into law that anyone envisaged that it would take so long to be implemented.  Each President has used the waiver option to bring pressure on Israel, rather than take the straightforward move and put the US Embassy in the self-declared capital of the country, as it is in every other country that the US has diplomatic relations with.  This is an anomaly resulting from anti-Israel bias from the Arabs on the US.  It should stop and we thought that Trump was the man to do so.  Evidently we were wrong about him.

Another area where Trump has disappointed his supporters is the “Wall” that he promised to build across the Mexican border.  So far not much has happened in that direction, and certainly there is no sign that Mexico will pay for its construction.  Trump has made initial moves to have the US pay for part of it, but so far little has been done. Nevertheless, the attempts by the Trump Administration to change the whole immigration policy, and stop immigrants from six Muslim countries where there is extensive terrorist violence, certainly make sense, and the Government is challenging the attempts to stop this initiative in the courts.

Finally, Trump has kept his promise to abrogate the Paris Climate Agreement, that was not a treaty.  Although we may argue about the effects of global warming and to what extent it is man-made, there is no doubt that this agreement, personally approved by former Pres. Obama without the involvement of Congress, was a bad deal for the US.  It required the US and other Western countries to make contributions of billions of dollars to under-developed countries (like China)!  Getting out of this agreement was a promise that Trump fulfilled.