Mosque Attack in UK

In case anyone thinks otherwise, let me say clearly that I am totally and completely against any form of terrorism.  Just because I criticize Islam for its belief system that leads to terrorism, this makes no difference to me.  There is no justification for killing innocent people, none!  This is true for the terrorist incidents in Manchester, and at the London bridges, and the recent ramming attack against Finsbury Park Mosque.  I include all Palestinian terrorist incidents against Israelis as well as those against all European and US citizens. Terrorism is wrong, period.  This goes against the opinions of many westerners, who excuse Palestinian terrorism because they think it has some justification (“the way they are treated,” they are “desperate”).  Nonsense.  let me repeat – there is no justification for terrorism!

My daughter pointed out an important distinction.  Terrorism attacks random human targets, while a hate crime attacks people of only one kind.  So there is a difference between random and targeted terrorism.  The anti-Muslim driver who rammed the people outside the Mosque, killing one person, was motivated by hatred of Muslims.   The Palestinian who stabbed the policewoman to death in Jerusalem last week hated all Jews. But, the IS killers who sprayed Parisians with gunfire or bombed the concert in Manchester were driven by hatred of all infidels, and might even have killed many Muslims. Nevertheless,. all such terrorist killing, whatever the basis of the hatred, is wrong. There can be no civilized excuse for such killings!

This does not mean that targeted killings of active or potential terrorists is not justified as a counter-measure.  Nor that we should accept the kind of religious excuses given by Muslims for the murder of infidels because they don’t accept Islam.  If there is a national-religious ethic justifying the slaughter of people, that belief system must be stopped and changed (just like Nazism or Communism).  So the teaching in mosques and schools around the world that jihad is justified against infidels is wrong and only fuels terrorism. Similarly the teaching of hatred of Jews by the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas school system is wrong and must be stopped.  Such western-financed incitement must be curtailed!

Terrorism in Jerusalem

In a coordinated terrorist incident last Friday, three Palestinian Arab terrorists attacked Israeli policemen guarding the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem and shot and stabbed them. One policewoman was stabbed to death and two others were injured.  The three assailants were shot dead at the scene.  Although the Islamic State claimed credit for the attack, the Israeli police found no connection to them and Hamas in Gaza denied that IS was involved.  The policewoman, 23-year-old St.-Sgt. Hadas Malka, was buried the next day.

At first the BBC reported the incident as “Three Palestinians shot dead in Jerusalem after stabbing.”  After protests that went as high as PM Netanyahu they changed the headline to ‘Policewoman stabbed to death in terrorist incident in Jerusalem.”   This kind of deliberately misleading headline that emphasizes the deaths of the terrorists as if they were innocent Palestinians, compared to the actual attack by them on Israeli police, is characteristic of the BBC (and many other media).  There is no doubt that there is institutional bias at the BBC that includes both Islamic infiltration as well as left-wing journalists and editors sympathetic to the Palestinian cause who are automatically anti-Israel.  At least in this case they changed the headline to reflect the actual situation.

The following day the Israeli police rounded up some 350 Palestinian Arabs present illegally in the Old City and surroundings.  Often the police ignore these Palestinian workers without legal papers allowing them to be in Israel.  But, after such an incident the terrorists spoil the situation for all concerned.  It is mystifying why there is sympathy for the Palestinian terrorists who are shot dead here in Israel, but not for the Islamic terrorists who attack such sites as Borough Market in London and are shot dead there. There is no such thing as a “good” terrorist!



A Peaceful Religion?

One of the biggest issues of debate in the West is “is Islam a peaceful religion?” as many of our leaders have told us it is.  Now this is not a question about Muslims per se, we know there are certainly millions of nice, pleasant, peaceful Muslims.  But, the question is not about the individuals, but rather about the belief system itself.  And if Islam is not a “peaceful religion” that is a serious problem for Western civilization and those who have to protect the lives of their citizens in Western countries.  

The Arab Muslim world is in meltdown.  There are currently civil wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, and all the major Sunni Muslim states have cut off ties with Qatar, as well as the more familiar Sunni-Shia schism that goes back to the origins of Islam.  The social fabric of Islam has broken down.  In so many of these countries there were dictators, and this comes from the fact that in Islam there is no distinction between religious and the secular power.  From the beginning there was one leader, Mohammed and he led both the religion and the army and controlled the state.  This was continued in the various Muslim empires that developed (Ummayad, Abbassid, Fatimid and Turkish).  All of them had Caliphs that controlled both state and religion, there was no separation of the two as in Western Christian civilization, that led eventually to a complete separation as in the USA.

If we judge by the degree of violence related to where-ever Islam exists, we can see an arc of war that stretches form Nigeria in the west thru Africa (N. Africa, and Somalia) thru to the Philippines in the east.  Case in point, the uprising of Muslims in the southern island of Mindanao, which is largely inhabited by Muslims.  There has been an on-going war there for generations due to the Muslim attempt to secede from the Philippines to form their own Muslim state.  Three days ago the Muslim militias (including Abu Sayyaf) invaded the town of Marawi, causing ca. 50,000 Muslims to flee.  The fighting has barely concluded, with the Philippine Army retaking the town.    

Now it may be that the extremists, militants and armed elements are a minority within each Muslim country or ethnic minority, but the fact is that where-ever there is Islam there is an armed uprising that seeks to destroy the current government and take it over in the name of Islam.  We can trace this tendency to two causes:

  • Jihad.  It is incumbent on every Muslim to carry out jihad or holy war to fight for Islam to be dominant in the governance of the State where he/she lives.  This would result in the imposition of Muslim Sharia law, that requires everyone in the State to follow the Muslim religion, infidels and heretics would either convert or be murdered.
  • Modern Political Islam.  This was initiated in 1928 when Hassan al Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in order to reassert Muslim control of power in Muslim/Arab countries.  It included a hatred for the West and all it stood for (democracy, liberalism, secularism) that was considered to have infiltrated and influenced Muslim society.  In order to remove this influence and return Islamic society to its original form such groups as Hamas, al Qaeda and ISIS wage ferocious wars of destruction.  

The reason “homegrown” Muslim terrorists wreak havoc and murder in their home countries is due to these two influences, spread by Islamic preachers in Mosques and through the internet via web-sites and videos.  Such avenues have hardly been touched by the Western powers-that-be due to concern for freedom of expression and individual rights.  These considerations must be overcome in order that the threat of jihadi Islam be defeated.

It is believed by Muslims that the world is divided into two regions, Dar al Harb, the region of war (or Dar al Kufr, the region of infidels) and Dar al Islam, the region of Islam (or Dar al Salam, the region of peace).  Looked at rationally, the opposite is in fact true, the region of Islam is the most war-torn violent region in the world, while the West is largely a region of peace (apart from Muslim terrorism and domestic violence).  The West does not seek to attack Muslim regions, only in response and in defense against attacks initiated by Muslim terrorists. So there is something fundamentally wrong and perverse about the Muslim religion and it needs fixing if the Muslim world is to enter the 21st century.  But, it is not our job to fix it, it is theirs.


Enough is Enough?

PM Theresa May outside No. 10 Downing Street said, after the latest radical Muslim stabbing attack in London that killed 7 and wounded 48, “enough is enough!”  My question is, why wasn’t enough enough after 22 were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Manchester last month, and why wasn’t enough enough when five were killed in the attack on Westminster Bridge last month, and why wasn’t enough enough after the attacks on 7/7 killed 53 people?  The obvious reason is that the British Government and people have not taken this threat seriously enough!

What they haven’t realized, because of political correctness, is that Islamic terrorism is an integral part of Islam.  Islam is NOT a peaceful religion, it is a nasty, violent, triumphalist religion, that requires its adherents to participate in jihad in order to ensure the victory of Islam over all other religions and systems.  For example, it is a central tenet of Islam (one of the 7 basic tenets) that all Muslims participate in jihad, and in case any Muslim tells you that this is not the case, or that jihad means a “spiritual struggle,” this is disinformation, simply not true.  Jihad has been exhaustively documented by Andrew Bostom in his comprehensive study “The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims” (Prometheus Books, 2008), and it always means a violent struggle by Muslims against their enemies, and everyone who is not a Muslim is an enemy (kaffir or infidel).  And what is the aim of these Muslims?  It is to bring about a Muslim Government and ensure the application of Sharia Law in every country inhabited by Muslims.  

Case in point, the father of the Islamic terrorist Salman Abadi who lived in the UK was known as a devout Muslim in his mosque and community.  But, under a pseudonym he was writing pro-jihadist propaganda, including a whole book and on-line web sites, and he encouraged his two sons to become involved with Islamic Jihad in Libya.  Both went there for military training and his older son then bombed the concert in Manchester killing 22 people.  Was this a surprising outcome, was this unexpected?

The fact is that jihad is taught in all Mosques throughout the world and especially those supported by Saudi Arabia that are of the Salafist variety.  This includes millions of Muslims throughout the Muslim and Western worlds.  The only way to stop this form of terrorism is to stop the Mosques teaching that jihad is a necessary tenet of Islam, and that cannot happen.  So when will enough be enough? By the way, there are many peaceful Muslims, as long as they don’t strictly follow the tenets of their religion.  There were of course good Communists and sincere Nazis, but we didn’t distinguish them from the others when  we carpet-bombed Germany.

I doubt that Theresa May has the guts and the political stamina to see this through. Expect many more devastating terrorist attacks in the UK and elsewhere before this reality sinks in and real action is taken against Islam.  In the meantime it is all-out war by one side while the other side is fighting with its hands tied behind its back, and so there will be more terrorist attacks in the UK, until they will be forced to react as Israel reacts with intelligence, guts and determination.

Terrorism again

There was a terrorist incident in Netanya this morning.  While we were driving around we saw that the main Rehov Herzl was closed off with police and ambulances.   Later we found out that a policeman had been stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist, who had been shot.  Also later I heard about the much more serious terrible suicide bombing in Manchester.  Although these attacks are far apart, they are no doubt attempts by IS to show Trump who is visiting Israel and the PA today that they can still strike.  Too bad.

I saw PM Theresa May’s statement outside No. 10 about the Manchester bombing.  It shows the damage that one man can do, one twisted Islamic radical terrorist who killed 22 people, mostly children.  What will it achieve?  It will certainly frighten people from attending crowded events such as rock concerts.  But, in the long run it will not affect anything.  IS is being defeated in Raqqa in Syria and in Mosul in Iraq.  And Trump has agreed to upgrade the support the US is giving to the anti-IS forces.

But, at the same time Trump has aligned himself against the regime of Pres Assad in Syria. How he will manage these commitments and at the same time bring peace to the Middle East is difficult to foresee.  Nevertheless, he has brought of a coup with his visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel, and is now on his way to Rome and then to a Summit meeting.

Trump did say after meeting with Abbas that violence cannot be tolerated for peace to prevail and that terrorism cannot be rewarded, a strong dig at the PA President’s policy of rewarding Palestinian terrorists and their families for killing Jews and Israelis. Trump also said that the US will always stand with Israel.  Very nice sentiments.  Let’s see where they lead.  During his seven public speeches in his visit he did not mention settlements, two-state solution, or a Palestinian State.  What a difference from Obama, who always said that the Israel-Palestine conflict was basic to all peace in the Middle East.  Trump’s emphasis was on developing an anti-terrorism coalition.  We will have to wait and see when the dust settles what is actually accomplished.

Terrorism in France

The numbers in France are chilling, 240 killed and hundreds injured in 22 terrorist attacks since the Charlie Hebdo/Jewish Supermarket attacks in 2015.   Over 20,000 individuals (Muslims) are on the terrorist watch list and 15,000 of them are considered to be actively dangerous.  The French police simply cannot cope with the numbers and lack the capabilities to monitor them all.  The latest attack on the Champs Elysee in the very heart of Paris two days before the Presidential election by a French-born Muslim of North African origin, named Karim Cheurfi (39), may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Martine Le Pen is calling for all people on the terrorist watch list to be expelled from France.  This is understandable, but problematic since many of them are French-born or are French naturalized citizens.  She has said that she would immediately expel all foreign-born suspects (shades of Trump).  Note that most of them have not yet committed a crime.  But, Cheurfi had, he had attacked a policeman 5 years ago and a few months ago had threatened to kill police, although there was not enough evidence to hold him. Such people, petty criminals who are Muslims, should be the highest suspects and should be removed from society.  This attack may help Marine Le Pen to be elected, and if it does then the extremist Muslims will get what they want, a rabid anti-Muslim French Government that they can accuse of anti-Muslim bias and then fight it openly.

If Marine Le Pen gets elected over this attack, then she may do a Frexit, and that would signal the end of the EU and of the tendency for the European countries to join together to avoid European wars.  How that would work out in time is unpredictable.  But, we are getting ahead of ourselves, Le Pen has not been elected yet, and maybe the more moderate centrists will pull their irons out of the fire in time.  

Now the French and other Europeans are finding what it is like to be an Israeli, under constant Muslim attack.  But, of course they still don’t get it, they think that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians due to some “imperialist, colonialist, occupation.”  That’s all fantasy, just as much as that Israel is called “apartheid.”  I can assure any reader that this is a total fiction, there is certainly more apartheid in the USA than in Israel!  

The Copts

The Copts are a minority Christian denomination in Egypt, 8-10% of the population. They are Egyptian, in fact they are very authentically Egyptian, tracing their descent prior to the Muslim invasion and conquest of Egypt.  It is therefore a cruel irony that the Muslim extremists and many ordinary Muslims seek to oust them completely from what they consider to be part of the Muslim Empire, in which there should be no infidels (Christians, Jews, Hindus, or any non-Muslim).  Although the Copts speak Arabic, they use a variant of the original Egyptian language, Coptic, in their religious services and liturgy. In that respect they are more authentically Egyptian than the Arabs, something that irks the Islamists. 

Last week there were two serious terrorist attacks against the Copts, their Church in Tanta north of Cairo was bombed, killing 36 and injuring 100, and the same day their Cathedral in Alexandria was bombed by a suicide bomber.  Although their Pope Tawadros was present at the time, he was not injured.  In that attack 4 were killed and 20 injured.  Added to the attack on the Cathedral in Cairo last December, this represents a sustained campaign by IS to kill and intimidate Coptic Christians and to get them to leave Egypt.  

Many Copts will take the “hint” and leave, which will add to the flow of refugees from Muslim countries, although these are perhaps the largest population of Christians left in the Middle East.  Christians in Syria and Iraq have been decimated during the current wars, and Christians in the Palestinian areas have been forced to leave.  Bethlehem which was 80% Christian 25 years ago is now only 20% Christian, and there are very few Christians left in Gaza after the bombing of their Churches.  It is surprising that the Christian West does essentially nothing to protect these Christians, as the French used to do in Lebanon.  

The plight of the Copts results largely from the inability of Pres. Al-Sisi to manage to control Egypt.  The Islamists are constantly carrying out terrorist attacks and he seems unable to use the Army and the police to maintain control.  This is largely to be blamed on Pres. Obama who refused to give Al- Sisi support when he needed it against the Muslim Brotherhood, that might have nipped the insurgency in the bud before it became uncontrollable.