Turkey Invades Syria

Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria, supposedly to establish a 30 km safe zone along the Turkish border, is so transparent.  They don’t really want to establish a “safe zone” or resettle 2 million Syrian refugees, as they have claimed, they want to defeat the YPG Kurdish forces (whom they call “terrorists”) and destroy any chance of an independent Kurdish State being established. They are always afraid of this affecting their own Kurdish minority.  In attacking Syria, in a region where Pres. Trump has removed US forces, the Turks are causing tens of thousands more refugees, in an already war-torn Syria where there are millions of displaced persons.

There has been international criticism of the Turkish move, from the UN, EU and particularly the UK, France, Germany, Israel and the Arab States, who remember the persecution they suffered in the Ottoman Empire.  There have been dire warnings that Turkey should not carry out massacres of Kurdish civilians.  Everyone knows that they are indiscriminately shelling Kurdish towns and that they have a bad record when it comes to mistreating Kurds.  Meanwhile the Kurds are putting us a “gallant” resistance (as PM Netanyahu stated), but without any outside military support.

Pres. Trump still has retained several hundred US troops in eastern Syria, not far from the Turkish invasion area   There are some 70,000 ISIS supporters, including women and children as well as hard-core ISIS fighters, imprisoned in the region, and the West is concerned that while the Kurds are occupied fighting the Turks, many of these may escape.  The US sent in a force that removed several wanted ISIS fighters who are jailed in the Kurdish region.  These are British Muslims who are known to have taken part in the beheadings of several Western hostages.  Trump has also promised to “obliterate” the Turkish economy if there are war crimes against civilians.  So far there have been no reports of what is actually happening in the conflict zone. 

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