Antisemitic Shooting in Halle

I am incensed by the shooting in Halle. Here’s a question, how is it that a synagogue in Germany is not guarded on Yom Kippur?  But for the fact that the doors of the synagogue in Halle held and prevented the gunman from entering, a massacre of Jews was avoided.  There were according to reports 70-100 Jews praying there on Yom Kippur (including 10 Americans), and they had no defense against a well-protected gunman who had an automatic weapon and was armed with grenades.  In frustration he gunned down a passing old woman and shot up a nearby kebab store, killing a man.  As far as we know neither of the dead were Jewish, which shows the futility and stupidity of his animus.

The police admitted that the attack was motivated by anti-Semitism.  In a rant shown live on video the culprit said that he did not believe the Holocaust,  and that Jews were the cause of all the world’s problems, sounds familiar.  How could he not believe the Holocaust when it was perpetrated by people with the same views as him.  The police concluded that he was motivated by extreme right wing views.  The leader of the Halle Jewish Community criticized the German police because they had asked for protection on several occasions, and when they called the police in panic to tell them they were under attack, they treated the call like a domestic dispute and it took them about 20 mins to get there.  They were able to apprehend the perpetrator and he is in custody.

Of course, after the event there was an out-pouring of support for the Jewish community, with flowers being placed outside the synagogue, Chancellor Angela Merkel visited and there was a ceremony in Berlin.  But, the Germans will have to start taking this problem much more seriously, otherwise there will be many more deaths.  As far as I am concerned anti-Semitism is endogenous to European and German culture and this is a perfect reason to make aliyah.

2 thoughts on “Antisemitic Shooting in Halle

  1. AS I understood it, there was security inside the Shul and that kept the gunman out. Those killed were innocent bystanders immersed in their daily life. Also it was a group of assailants dressed in military garb all but one got away. Apparently there was another attack on Jews later that day in a nearby town which led German police to speculate that both were related.


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