Iran Crisis

Iran is in economic crisis due to the extreme sanctions that the US has placed on it. Yet at the UN Pres Rouhani of Iran was defiant, he refused to meet with Pres. Trump and  refused to be seen together with him and would not even pick up the phone when Trump called him.  But, make no mistake, there has to be a cost for the devastating and accurate attack that Iran carried out against the Saudi oil fields.

The Iranians have tried to pretend that the attack came from the Houthi rebels in Yemen, one of their proxies.  But, there is no way the Houthis have the capability to produce the sophisticated weapons that carried out this attack.  If the Iranians admit to the attack then they make themselves the target for a counter-attack, but everyone knows they did it. 

This attack has roused certain countries from their slumbers, especially the Europeans.  From trying to return to the JCPOA, Germany, France and the UK all criticized Iran for this attack.  And the Sunni Arab countries, including the Saudis, have come out into the open and have joined with Israel in organizing an anti-Iran meeting at the UN.  Now all Iran’s allies are considering what to do.

Pres. Trump in his Rosh Hashanah message stated that he does not want to go to war with Iran and would rather negotiate, but if once again Rouhani turns him down as he did, even Trump may get the message.  There is only one way of dealing with Iran, since their Shia religion predicts an all-out war with their enemies, and that is to destroy its dangerous and fanatical regime.

A recent article in the J’sam Post (Sept 26) described the new missile that has been developed by Israel called the Rampage.  It is a supersonic stand-off missile, meaning that it can be fired from as far as 150 km away by Israel’s fastest fighter jets.  They would probably first destroy the airfields and ports of Iran and then go on to destroy its defensive facilities.  At some point in the future it seems this will be inevitable.


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