Constitutional Crisis?

Is there a constitutional crisis in the US?  The answer is there is not!  This is fake news, a manufactured crisis by the Democrats in order to try to cover up their own mistakes.

Mistake no. 1 was supporting charges of collusion with the Russians against the Trump campaign.  The finding of the Mueller Report after 2 years and m$25 that there was NO collusion and insufficient evidence to charge Pres. Trump with obstruction of justice, undermined the Democrats. But, since Mueller did not definitively exonerate the President, although on the evidence AG Barr found there was no case to answer, the Democrats have switched their attack from collusion to obstruction of justice. 

Democratic mistake no. 2, they have accused AG Barr of covered up evidence and acting for the President and not acting neutrally. Their basis is that 2% of the Mueller Report is redacted, and they accuse AG Barr, without evidence, of deliberately withholding information that could be used to indict the President.  However, I saw AG Barr’s original press conference, in which he pointed out that it would be illegal for him to release a completely unredacted version of the Report containing information on pending investigations, but that he would actually show an unredacted version to selected members of the Congress.  Now why has the Democratic leadership not taken him up on his offer, but rather have called for hearing after hearing and have brought a subpoena against Barr to force him to publicly release the unredacted version?  The answer is obviously for political reasons – if they forced the Mueller investigation and got nothing out of it, then they look like fools, they can’t simply let it drop, they must fight on to try to find something against Pres. Trump.

But, mistake no. 3, they are desperately trying to prevent AG Barr from examining the origin of the whole Mueller investigation, as he has said he will do.  Where did the evidence come from for the accusation of “collusion”?  Originally it came from a Report from a British former spy, paid for by the DNC, that was turned over to the FBI.  Why did the FBI deem this sufficiently valid to initiate a “spying” investigation against the Trump campaign, in the midst of the election.  The fact is that the decision to do this was taken by members of the FBI and DOJ who have been shown to be strong advocates of Hillary Clinton and opponents of Trump.  In effect this was an internal American attempt to subvert the will of the American people, in other words an attempted coup!

This leads to the original mistake no. 4, that the same Democratic operatives in the FBI and DOJ failed to act against former Secty. of State Clinton when she blatantly broke the law by using a personal home computer system for her Government work, including secret information, that was therefore open to hacking by foreign governments. It is more than just coincidental, in fact political bias, that FBI Director James Comey, who supported the investigation of Trump’s campaign for collusion, at the same time, after publicly admitting that Clinton broke the law, failed to take any action against her.

It is the ultimate political mistake No. 5 of the leaders of the Democratic party, who are desperately trying to wring something against Trump out of the Mueller Report and desperately trying to smear AG Barr, not to realize that the American people are not dumb.  They see the Trump Administration taking care of business, improving the economy, taking on China, taking action against the crisis on the Mexican border, opposing Iran, trying to deal with N. Korean leader Kim, and so on, while the Democrats in Congress are too mired in political mud-slinging to do anything constructive.  Their gains in the last election will be wiped out in the next.





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