Busy, busy

Dear Friends, you may have noticed some gaps in my usual daily blog postings.  A while back in March I went on vacation for 3 weeks.  Then recently I was binge-watching the Snooker World Championships at Sheffield, that is one of my passions {like tennis Grand Slams).  Sometimes I am simply busy, for example recently I was working on an article on Futurism and Human Bioengineering that I submitted for publication (more of that later).  I also do some work at BGU, for example editing scientific papers and in a few weeks I am giving a talk about the  English language to science students who must pass an English language test.  Apart from all this I have been taking an art class once a week and have been painting in my spare time (see my website: http://www.jackcohenart.com/Watercolor.html).

I have also been chosen to be the first volunteer to test the utility of an Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) that is a computer box with AI made by Google that is supposed to interact with old people, answering questions and helping them. This is a program at BGU that is being funded by the EU and will be evaluated by social workers and computer/robot experts.  The IPA uses wifi to access the internet and respond immediately to questions and requests (like, “what is the temperature today?” or “call my daughter”) as well as provide advice and assistance (more on this later).  Eventually they will also be mobile and possibly with working hands   

In two weeks time I am going on a fact-finding mission to Europe (including Warsaw, Budapest and Vienna) with an American group.  I will write about this interesting trip to inform my readers.

In addition, of course, I visit my wife Naomi every day in the Home where she is living due to her Alzheimer’s disease.  I am glad to say that her condition has not significantly deteriorated, she still talks a lot (although none of it makes much sense), but her walking has deteriorated due to her sitting a large part of the time as well as due to her condition.  So this has been a summary of my activities, to let you know that when you don’t receive a blog posting it’s not because I am simply resting (although I do that too).


4 thoughts on “Busy, busy

  1. Dear Jack,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your column for many years, always finding your observations interesting, enlightening, and very to the point. I was introduced to your column by our dear friends, Bunny, and Zvi Porath who lived down the hall from my parents for many years in Chevy Chase, Maryland
    Now I see that I will soon meet you in person. My husband, Nordahl and I will be on the (Daniel Pipes) fact-finding trip to Budapest, Warsaw, and Vienna that you mentioned in today’s column. I read that there is one Israeli on the trip, so now I know who it is. We have traveled with Daniel on several trips before, and are very much looking forward to this one.

    Looking forward to the trip and meeting you,

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