Politically Correct

The prosecutor State Attorney Kim Foxx decided that Jussie Smollett, a third-rate actor,  should not be punished for the crime that he clearly committed.  He pleaded not guilty even though the evidence is overwhelming that he paid two young black Nigerians to pretend to be white men who attacked and beat him.  He did this to gain notoriety and increase his pay-check.  Foxx is a young black woman and she decided he should not receive any punishment because he is a young black man who has made contributions to his community.  What?  This is not only a case of miscarriage of justice, it is also a supreme example of being politically correct.  Because his skin is black he can commit a crime and get off scot free.

Another case of political correctness is the banning of a song from the 1940’s entitled “Baby, it’s cold outside.”  Today’s PC blood hounds have concluded that the lyrics indicate that a male is attempting to restrain a female from leaving.  Actually its a very cute song in which a male is attempting to persuade a girl to stay with him, by arguing that its too cold to go outside.  If he wanted to prevent her leaving he would use a much stronger argument.  If you want to be PC about songs from the past there is plenty of scope.  What about “And her tears flowed like wine,” about a gambling dissolute husband and the lyrics include “And he smacked her in the chopper,” this is really disgusting, yet it was a popular song in those times.  Shall we ban all songs from the 1940’s, really?

My last example of PC comes from Israel, where new MK Miki Haimovich who is a vegan, has petitioned the Knesset to remove her leather seat and replace it with a non-animal product.  Why can’t she just put a cover over it?  Strictly its not her seat, it belongs to the Knesset, she is just occupying it.  The Knesset is unlikely to accede to her strange request,  But, the limits of being PC know no bounds.