Another Anti-Semitic Shooting

A young white supremacist entered the Chabad synagogue in Poway CA, near San Diego, and shot several people.  He murdered one woman, Lori Gilbert-Kaye aged 60, and injured 5 more, including the Rabbi.  After the shooting at the Temple of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh 6 months ago, this represents a troubling pattern.  Any crazed individual in America can get a gun and go out and shoot Jews.  Unfortunately, no amount of education or prayer can stop this.  Only very good security, that is probably beyond the capability of every synagogue in America.

The irony is that left-wing Democrats blame Pres. Trump for being “divisive,” but both the white extremists who carried out these shootings blamed Trump for being too pro-Jewish and too pro-Israel.  I blame the NY Times, although I doubt these individuals would have read it.  Nevertheless, The Times has stooped so low in its anti-Jewish, anti-Israel animus that it printed a clearly offensive ant-Semitic cartoon worthy of Die Sturmer, that shows Netanyahu as a dog pulling a blind Pres. Trump (wearing a yarmulke) by its leash.  They responded to criticism by saying that it was an error of judgement, but I disagree, they clearly have the judgement to approve of such a cartoon, rather it was an error of bias, of naked anti-Semitic and anti-Israel prejudice.

It is this kind of persistent anti-Israel propaganda in the media that leads to a wave of anti-Semitism that empowers individuals with such views to take the actions they did.  It is the Democratic left that is activating anti-Semitism in the US, not the right.  Of course, they will piously say they don’t really want Jews to be shot in synagogues, yet they are adding fuel to the flames every day.