Trump Triumphs

The press conference of US Attorney General Barr was a masterful performance of clarity and decisiveness. He stated seven times that Robert Mueller in his Report found NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION of the Trump election campaign, or of Trump himself, or of any American citizen, with attempts by the Russians to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election campaign. Case closed. This is a victory for the American judicial process and the American people.

As to the issue of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by the President or his staff, Mueller investigated 10 cases of possible obstruction, and found no positive basis for a criminal case of obstruction. He chose not to State explicitly that the President was exonerated, but Barr in his role of AG, with agreement by his Deputy Ron Rosenstein (known as a critic of Trump), concluded that the results of the investigation did in fact exonerate Trump from a case of obstruction of justice.  This leaves anti-Trump partisans an illusory basis for continuing this ridiculous crusade against the President. In effect they will try to second-guess Mueller and Barr.

The Democrats in Congress demanded that Barr release Mueller’s Report to them and the American people, which he did. Parts of the Report are REDACTED for legal purposes. Nevertheless Barr said he will remove all but cases of potential investigations for a select group of Congressmen. He also said he had no problem with Mueller, who officially works for him, giving evidence before Congressional Committees. The statements by media and Democrats that Barr is biased towards Trump have no merit.

This Report and investigation after 2 years and m$25 should end this whole hysterical episode, during which the media repeatedly accused Trump of both collusion and obstruction of justice. But, unfortunately the Democrats, especially those driven by hatred of Trump, will continue to flog a dead horse. Clearly there is NO BASIS FOR IMPEACHMENT of this President, and that is the bottom line. There is no legal way in which anyone, including devoted Democrats, can conceive of anything that is revealed in the Mueller Report as “a high crime or misdemenour.”

Now will come the issue of why the FBI and the DOJ actually went ahead with this major investigation when there was no basis in evidence. Clearly the Democrats will be very worried about this. It seems some pro-Hillary Democrats in the FBI and DOJ decided to start an investigation without due process in order to disrupt and bring down the duly elected President and this did not succeed.  An attempted coup d’etat happened, now let the guilty be exposed.


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