Believe it or not!

Here are some common beliefs:

  • The moon is made of cheese – this used to be a common belief, although I doubt many people believe it nowadays
  • All Jews are rich – well I know my family wasn’t, but this belief seems to stick, it’s mainly believed by dirt poor Polish peasants and Germans
  • The earth is flat – once upon a time you would be killed for saying otherwise, now few if any people believe this, and those that do are mostly in an asylum
  • Israel is an apartheid state – this is totally untrue, but there are a lot of people who apparently believe this false leftist propaganda
  • The British can be trusted – this was once their motto, but its gone out of fashion from over-use and Brexit
  • America is a great power – at least it might be great again, but as for now it has lost a lot of its credibility
  • Islam is a peaceful religion – if that is so, why are almost all Muslim States convulsed by violence (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Algeria, Pakistan, etc.)
  • Israel is a fascist state – then how is it that it just had a democratic election, in which Arabs have the vote (or maybe it was all an illusion)
  • Catholic priests are celibate – if you believe this you are not listening to the media or the Pope
  • Socialism works – as in Venezuela, the Soviet Union, and in Bernie Saunders dreams and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ wishful thinking
  • The British Labour Party is anti-racist – except that it is also institutionally anti-Semitic, as its own leader Jeremy Corbyn recently admitted

There are few statements that can be genuinely believed, but one of them is don’t accept what is the “perceived wisdom” at face value.