Terror Murder

When I opened my Sunday newspaper the photo of a smiling beautiful young woman of 19 with curly ginger hair stared back at me.  She was Ori Ansbacher and she looked happy and healthy.  But, the caption nearby told the story that she was brutally murdered and mutilated while walking alone in a forest near Jerusalem.  Her killer was an Arab man named Arafat al-Rifaiyeh, aged 29, who left his home in Hebron with a long knife looking to kill a Jew and traveled to Jerusalem where he happened upon Ori alone in the forest.  He was captured by the Israeli police on Saturday hiding in Ramallah.  The horrible thing is that BDS and other Jews-haters justify such disgusting murders.

We Israelis are outraged and disturbed by the continual murders of Jews by so-called lone-wolf Palestinian terrorists, who wish to continue  the work of the Nazis and other anti-Semites, to murder Jews and chase them from wherever they are. We don’t know how her parents came to be living in Israel, maybe their ancestors had been here for generations, or maybe they are Holocaust survivors, but without any doubt Ori had as much right to live here as any Arafat, and  further she had the right to life!  Israeli Amb. Danny Danon has made a complaint to the UN Security Council over her murder, but you probably won’t read about it in your papers in the West.

I saw that the Labor Party of Israel is considering a campaign for the next election supporting giving a State to the Palestinians.  And former C-in-C Benny Gantz who now has the Israel Resilience Party wants another withdrawal. Every sensible Israeli knows that doing such a thing will not lead to peace, on the contrary it will only increase and amplify the ability of the Palestinians to carry out such terrorist attacks.  The Palestine Authority under their dictator Pres. Abbas continue to pay all terrorists who carry out murders of Jews and also pay their family if they are killed or captured.  If this isn’t support of terrorism what is?  Such a policy will spell electoral suicide for the already shrinking Labor Party and every poll predicts a move to the right in Israeli politics.