BDS Terrorists

Many well-meaning and innocent westerners, who seek to help the poor Palestinians, are supporting the BDS movement, to boycott, divest and sanction Israel.  But, they don’t realize that the BDS movement has its origins in Palestinian terrorism.  The founder of BDS is Omar Barghouti, who is the cousin of Marwan Barghouti, a leader of Fatah who joined with the terrorist group Hamas and organized attacks on innocent Israeli civilians during the second intifada (2000-06).  He was sent to jail for many years for his involvement in murder.  But, Omar went to Columbia and Tel Aviv University and found a more subtle approach.

The Strategic Affairs Ministry of Israel just issued a Report, presented by the Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan, that points out the close connection and cooperation between the organized BDS movement and terrorism.  For example, 30 members of Hamas and the PFLP, both recognized terrorist organizations, hold senior positions in NGOs that are part of BDS.  Approximately 100 persons who have been identified as terrorists or were imprisoned for terrorist activities play a role in the BDS organization. For example, Laila Khaled, convicted of hijacking two civilian planes in 1969 and 1973, who is involved with the “armed struggle” against Israel, is a major fundraiser for BDS in Europe and S. Africa.  Another is Rani Sourani, who is director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and is also a member of PFLP (he received m$1.5 of European funding in 2014-7), and one of his colleagues, director of the legal department Iyad Al-Alamo, recently gave legal advice to Hamas.  Salah Hammoudi, a convicted PFLP terrorist, is a field worker for Addameer, a fund-raising arm of BDS.  Mustapha Awad is a trained Hezbollah member of the PFLP who belongs to a US-based organization fund-raising for BDS.  There are many more examples.

But, why should we be surprised, the BDS movement’s declared aim is to destroy Israel, because it is an “apartheid State” (demonstrably not so) and because it is an enemy of all this is good and wholesome, such as the poor Palestinians.  The fact that the BDS movement is cozy in bed with Palestinian terrorists is not surprising, they see the BDS movement that they have nurtured and grown, as a parallel track to undermine and destroy Israel.  Why not ask oneself, what about boycotting Venezuela, or China (well-known for it excellent human rights record) or Bangladesh (where civil rights activists are imprisoned and tortured), or those bastions of liberal treatment of minorities such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Iraq (where Christians are murdered weekly)?  Of course the reason the focus is entirely on Israel is because Israel is the Jewish State and is the enemy of the Palestinians and they want to destroy it; the truth is that apart from that BDS would not exist.

PS. Dear readers, please note I have had a bad cold and am just recovering, hence some gaps in my postings.