Anti-Semitism on Intl. Holocaust Day

There are so many instances of anti-Semitism around the world it would take much more than a page to list them all.  This is being written on Intl. Holocaust Day, 2019.  Who would have thought that 74 years after the Holocaust of WWII we would still be talking about a widespread outbreak of hatred of Jews.

For example, the PM of Malaysia, Mahatir Mohamad is well-known to be a long-standing extreme anti-Semite, who is undoubtedly behind the decision taken by the Malaysian Cabinet to prevent Israeli athletes from participating in the paralympic swimming championships.  As a result of legal approaches, the International Paralympics Committee has decided to move the 2019 games from Kuala Lumpur.

In 2018 there were many anti-Semitic incidents, perhaps the worst was the shooting in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, that occurred on Oct. 27 in which 11 Jews were killed.  The perpetrator in this case was a right-wing extremist.  There was a report issued today by the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs that the main threat against Jews is not from the far left (BDS movement) or Islamic hatred, but from the far-right who are variously white supremacists, fascists and even neo-Nazis.  But, Roseanne Barr, who was in Jerusalem said that the BDS is a Nazi-style boycott of Jews.  Don’t these leftist anti-Israel/anti-Semitic extremists know that they are doing the work of the Shi’ite Mullahs of Iran?  Sure they do, but they don’t care.

I am surprised that people find anti-Semitism in the British Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn surprising.  Of course, the old-time Conservative Party was also very anti-Semitic, but since Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative Party has changed.  But, as far as Labour is concerned, remember Ernest Bevin, the Foreign Secretary in the First Labour Government of Clement Attlee after WWII.  Bevin was openly anti-Semitic.  When the British captured the Jews aboard the Exodus ship in 1948, he shipped them back to Germany, and said “I’ll teach those Jews a lesson.”

The Greek Orthodox Church has been implicated in promoting anti-Semitic incidents in Greece.  And the Irish Parliament is expressing its anti-Semitism thru their boycott of Israeli goods from the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria (no other country has been boycotted).

I recently saw an article that suggested that the only way to wipe-out anti-Semitism is thru education.  I find that unfortunately amusing.  No true anti-Semite will be bothered by facts or education, its in their skin, in their culture, in their bones.   It’s a never-ending struggle.  I see the only solution for Jews is to move to Israel and give up the fight against them in the diaspora.  Let them chase the shadows of the Jews who are no longer there, the ghosts they created and those of us who made the move.  At least we have an army to protect us here.  Meanwhile, Israel is making friends around the world, including recently Chad and Brazil.


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