What Hypocrisy!

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich), the first Palestinian American elected to Congress, has criticized some Senators for having “dual loyalty.”  This is an age-old antisemitic canard that we know well.  She is saying that their support for Israel reduces their loyalty to America.  Apart from the fact that this is utter nonsense.  She should ask Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who are her superiors in the Democratic Congressional hierarchy, if they agree (both have a strong record of support for Israel).  But, her sheer hypocrisy is that she has stated her intention in being in Congress is to “represent the Palestinian people!”  Now if that isn’t dual loyalty, what is?

None of the many Jewish members of Congress have ever stated that they represent Israel.  But, it is perfectly appropriate for them to support Israel as a  valuable and necessary US ally.  In fact, the majority of very pro-Israel Americans are not Jews, but fundamentalist Christians.  The Christians United for Israel (CUFI) has 8 million members, and they vote!

There is a very strong streak of anti-Semitism in Islam and most Palestinians are brought up to hate Jews (not just Israel).  I suspect Rep. Tlaib can’t help it.  But, she soon retracted her statement, saying that she didn’t specifically mean only Jewish Senators, as if that makes any difference.

At least Rep. Tlaib has an excuse, she doesn’t know better.  But, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is merely an extreme leftist, among those who believe that the state of the masses will be improved if the country of Israel is destroyed (killing another 6 million Jews).  Why? Doesn’t she see that Israel is a bulwark for democracy against the worst excesses of extreme Islamic fundamentalism, such as in Iran, that would remove her in a second if they had the power.

There is another Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar.  Many may think that this represents a healthy liberal impulse by America.  But, look at what that liberal impulse did in voting for Barack Obama for President.  Why, because he was Black?  Not a good enough reason.  In the upcoming Canadian election there is a Muslim Party running that supports the introduction of Sharia Law in Canada.  Let’s hope naive non-Muslims won’t vote for them out of a misplaced sense of liberal/leftist cant.  You never can tell, they voted in Justin Trudeau!