Young Jewish Terrorists Arrested

A group of Orthodox Jewish youths were implicated in the stoning of Palestinian cars in October on the West Bank.  A woman driver, Aysha Rabi, a mother of nine, was killed when she was hit in the head by a rock thrown through the window of her car.  Last week the Shin Bet (Israel Security Service) announced the arrest of three minors and last Saturday two more were arrested.  There was a demonstration by their supporters, especially upset that they were arrested on Shabbat.  A rabbi gave a ruling that their lawyer could meet with them on Shabbat.

The youths are all students at a Yeshiva in Rehalim near the settlement of Yizhar on the West Bank.  After the meeting with their lawyer, he stated that the youths refuse to say anything to the police.  Their silence will make it difficult for the police to prove their case.  Meanwhile their supporters are spreading rumors about mistreatment of the youths by the Shin Bet, including abusive interrogation methods.

It is not known if the police can prove their case or what will happen to the boys.   The latest news is that the Yeshiva is being investigated and 30 more boys are being questioned.  These arrests make it clear that Israel will not stand by in the case of any Jewish terrorism and especially will act again the loss of innocent Palestinian lives. Tell that to your BDS friends.