Everybody’s doing 2018

Everybody everywhere is evaluating 2018.  What happened during the past year? Trump happened, very much.  He got along with Kim Jong-un, they liked each other.  The Islamic State was crushed.  Syria reached half a million dead, an Arab achievement. John McCain died, he was a good man. Britain got embroiled in Brexit, will it ever end. China flexed its economic muscle. A memorable year.

For me the really big personal happening was that this was the year I essentially lost my wife.  Well not really lost, but she has Alzheimer’s, so it was really just a matter of time, the inevitable deterioration of mind.  After a spirited struggle of 7 years it all came to the tipping point.  Basically I couldn’t take it anymore, the unpredictability was the worst, one day sweet and smiling another unmanageable, let me not bore you with the details.  But, with the support of our children, worth having after all, the decision was made, institutionalization.  Sounds terrible.  But, luckily we found a nice, small, friendly Home with a special Alzheimer’s ward that is only 5 mins drive away, and I can visit her every day. I need to do that.  She still recognizes me, but she isn’t really sure who I am.  She asked me today if we could get married?  I told her we were married 57 years ago, but she doesn’t understand. How could she, it’s the disease.  She really isn’t herself, yet she inhabits the same body.  I feel as if I have lost part of me.

Other less significant things happened, like a man going to the moon, Oh, no that was some years ago.  Great strides in technology, robots that will think for us.  The UN passed 21 anti-Israel resolutions, more than any previous year (Iran got 1).  Jews are being attacked on the streets of Paris and Berlin, again, sounds familiar.  Hamas fired 100,000 rockets at Israel in 2018, but Israel had a record 4 million tourists last year. Assad with Russian and Iranian support took back most of Syria, and the US abandoned the Kurds. Thousands were killed in tsunamis, earthquakes, eruptions, mud slides, fires, floods.  A normal year, let’s hope 2019 won’t be any worse.