In Israel Nothing is Happening

The news in Israel is that nothing is happening.  When Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned in the wake of the botched IDF raid into Gaza and the subsequent ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel, he expected to cause a political crisis that would lead to the fall of the Netanyahu Government and imminent elections.  Many agreed with him, but it didn’t happen!

When Education Minister Naftali Bennett, head of the Beit Yehudi faction, threatened to resign unless he was given the Defense portfolio, he and many others expected Netanyahu to cave.  Because, if Bennet also left the coalition the government would collapse.  But, it didn’t happen.  Netanyahu has so far kept the Defense portfolio himself, as well as being PM and Foreign Minister.   Netanyahu called their bluff, he managed to keep his coalition together with his razor-thin majority of one.  In fact, one Likud MK Shareen Haskel, had to leave hospital with a drip in her arm to go to the Knesset and vote to ensure the Govt. did not fall.  So far in Israel nothing has happened!

However, although nothing is happening at present, it must in the NTDF (not too distant future), because Netanyahu’s Govt. has only another year until elections must be called, and no-one expects it to survive that long.  The present is boring, but the future looks exciting.