Anti-Semitism and the US Elections

Ironically, soon after 11 Jews were murdered in a Pittsburgh synagogue, more Jews were elected to Congress than before.  All 23 Jewish Democrats who ran were re-elected to the House of Representatives, and 8 new Jewish members were elected, including one Jewish Senator, Jacky Rosen from Nevada.   Two Jewish Governors were elected, in Illinois and Colorado.  Does this seem like a country that is anti-Semitic?  On the contrary, all of these Jews were elected in districts that only have a minority of Jews, if any at all.  We know that anti-Semitism is only really dangerous when it is backed by the power of the State (as in Nazi Germany, Czarist Russia, etc.).  That is certainly not the case with the USA.  So although we can expect a modest increase in the immigration (aliyah) of young American Jews to Israel, there is no need to panic, the Trump Administration is solidly pro-Jewish and pro-Israel.

Of course, there are many more Jewish Democrats than Republicans, in fact only two in the House.  But, although these Jewish Democrats may be anti-Trump in terms of many of his policies, they are unlikely to be all leftist radicals who want to destroy Israel.  Some of them are known to be supporters of Israel, and indeed why not?  The moderate wing of the Democratic party has always been pro-Israel, and the majority of Democrats elected are indeed from the moderate wing of the Democratic party.  This election has been a big loss for Bernie Sanders and the radical wing of the Democratic party.  This augurs well for the future.

Nevertheless, there are three strong opponents of Israel and strong supporters of Palestinian aspirations who were elected, Alexandia Ocasio-Cortiz, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omer, who all have been supporting the BDS movement.  No doubt they will make their presence felt in the new Congress.  But, not only are they opposed by a majority of moderate Democrats, they are opposed by the pro-Trump Republicans in the House and Senate.  American democracy has worked, representatives of all segments of the US population have been elected.  Let the games begin!