The US Mid-term Election Results

The good thing about the US mid-term election results is that both Republicans and Democrats can claim victory, and be right.  The Democrats because they wrested control of the House of Representatives away from the Republicans, and the Republicans because they retained control of the Senate with an increased majority, and furthermore, more Senators favorable to Pres. Trump. So Pres. Trump and Nancy Pelosi both claimed victory.

The Democratic victory in the House was expected, partly because the party of the President usually loses in a  mid-term election.  It’s a way for the electorate to show their displeasure with the lack of progress which is usually the case, and in the case of Pres. Trump, a goodly proportion of people are upset with his behavior, his use of twitter, his manners  and sometimes his tendency to exaggerate (some would say lie about) his accomplishments.

The Republican victory in the Senate results to a large extent from the votes of Trump supporters in the hinterland, who are fed up with the politicking of the Democrats (such as the now two-year old Mueller probe into collusion between the Trump campaign of 2016 and Russia).  Trump chose to actively campaign in States where Republican candidates that support him were up for election, and his strategy was successful.

Nevertheless, losing the House is a blow to Trump’s agenda, and may require him to cooperate with the Democrats.  But, the Democrats may not be in the mood to cooperate with him, because of the animosity that they have showed to him, the Democrats may decide to spend their time investigating Trump and trying to find a way to impeach him.  If they do, it is likely that there will be a  boomerang against them for stopping his agenda, on the economy, on international trade and on immigration, that are supported by a majority of Americans.

I watched Trump’s first press conference after the election results were announced and it was vintage Trump.  But, I have to agree with him, the reporter for CNN, James Acosta, was very rude.  He not only continued to ask another question after he had  received an answer from Pres. Trump, but he refused to give up the microphone after the President said “enough.”  This is ridiculous how rude can the media be to the President, it seems they think they are in charge and can do whatever they like.  I agree that it was appropriate for the White House to revoke his press credentials.  I have never seen a person being so rude to the President of the USA.

Another result after the election was the immediate firing of Jeff Sessions as the Secretary of the Dept. of Justice.  Although he had been a loyal supporter of Trump through the election, as soon as something came up that was controversial, he recused himself.  That may have been a way to ensure he was not involved in a conflict of interest, but to do this without the agreement of his boss was unacceptable.  The Mueller probe is a pure case of politics, and having a loyal head of DOJ will be a boon for Trump if the Democrats come up with further politically motivated probes.  However, getting a loyal Trump appointee approved may be difficult, although his majority in the Senate will help a lot.