Responsibility for Pittsburgh?

It is a gross distortion, according to some liberals and Democrats, to whisper or even shout, that Pres. Trump is somehow responsible for the massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh.  Eleven were killed and some 6 more injured in the Tree of Life Synagogue last week.  Is this massacre different from any other in which a deluded and often crazy individual takes a gun and goes and shoots people?  It has happened in schools, colleges, theaters, churches, malls, everywhere in fact.  Were any of these other massacres blamed on the sitting President at the time.  It is a twisted as the individuals who carried out the attacks to claim that any President, let alone Trump, could have in any way possibly been responsible for this attack.

Anti-Semitism is unfortunately endemic and embedded in Western culture. Children learn it growing up from their parents.  Just as any number of strange factors turn one son to be radicalized and join ISIS, or another to take his father’s gun and shoot his peers, or a former mailman to go back and shoot his former boss and his colleagues, so one right-wing fanatic, who blames the Jews for all society’s evils, decides to murder Jews in prayer.  There is a political schism in Washington, there is hard-ball politicking going on, there is strong polarization over real issues such as immigration.  But, to add the massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh to this mix, as some Jews and others in Pittsburgh and elsewhere have done, because of their liberal anti-Trump political views, is simply unacceptable.

Not only is Pres. Trump inclined towards being philo-Jewish, not only has his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and he has elevated his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner to a high position in his Administration, not only has he generally supported Israel, not only has he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, not only…I could go on, but the point is that it is ridiculous to assign blame for such an act, when it is clearly the individual who carried out the act who is responsible, as well as the media outlets that allow such anti-Semitic  lies to be broadcast day in and day out.  Let’s be real and stop this fake blame game!