The Migrant “Caravan”

Some 14,000 would-be immigrants to the USA from Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico are approaching the southern US border.  But, these are not the usual immigrants, they don’t apply through the usual channels to legally enter the US, and they don’t even slink over the border thru tunnels at night.  No, these immigrants expect to simply cross the border illegally in full view, they believe it is their “right” to enter the US and simply become Americans, with all the rights that entails.

How did they get this idea?  There are I believe two reasons, first the immigration debate in the US, as well as in Europe, has two sides.  The right-wing who see the erosion of borders as a threat to the very existence of the nation State, and the left who feel sorry for the poor suffering masses and want to let them in to share in the affluence.  It seems there is no common ground between these two positions.

The second reason I believe is that the population of Gaza, organized by Hamas, has been attacking the Israeli border, claiming that they have “the right of return.”  This speaks to leftists, so that Jeremy Corbyn, the leftist UK Labor Party leader, has said that these are justified “peaceful” demonstrations.  And there are many who support that view.  On the other hand, the IDF has been positioned along the Israel-Gaza border for months, fighting off the horde of up to 20,000 people a day.  In order to protect the border and the citizens of Israel they have had to use live rounds to stop them breaking though.

In the same way, the US authorities cannot stand by and allow the immigrant mob to attack the US border with the intention of breaching it and entering the USA.  In order to prevent this US Defense Secty Mattis has sent 800 US servicemen to the border.  This crowd is not naive, they have already announced they will split up and attack the border at several points.  This is a calculated attack in the hope that some of them will be killed and therefore will gain sympathy from the liberal elements in the US and Europe.  The sight of  poor Mexican and Honduran women and children being shot down by US soldiers will certainly lead in the western newspapers, fueling the liberal agenda (“if it bleeds, it leads”).  But, when it comes to it, the integrity of the country must be the primary concern.

If this “caravan” breaches the US border, there will be more and larger ones.  All the poor and disenfranchised from the whole of S. America will pour towards the US border, with the same notion, that they have the right to enter the US. Perhaps not just 10’s of thousands, but hundreds of thousands.  Pres. Trump is right, a stand must be made.