Killing of Journalists

Pres. Erdogan of Turkey has been very actively criticizing Saudi Arabia for the killing of journalist Jamal Kashoggi in its consulate in Istanbul, which really was a criminal act.  However, one should be aware that Erdogan’s motivation is entirely political, he is shedding crocodile tears.  In fact, during Erdogan’s reign in Turkey many journalists have been murdered, for which he is ultimately responsible.  During 1990-95, 33 mostly Kurdish journalists were killed, and from 1996-2006, 18 mainly Turkish journalists have been killed (

Similarly, Pres. Putin has criticized the Saudis, mainly because they are an American ally, but in Russia since 1996, 50 journalists have been killed, including Anna Politskaya who was murdered at her home in 2006.  She was known to be investigating Putin’s corruption.  Of course, journalists are only a minority of the total number of people, including politicians and businessmen, who have been murdered in Russia, at the rate of almost one a month (

There are many other countries in the world where journalists are either controlled, as in the communist countries China, N. Korea, Cuba and Vietnam, and the dictatorships of Iran, Venezuela and the Palestinian territories.  In fact, worldwide the astonishing total of 71 journalists and other media professionals were murdered in 2017 (  Many of these were killed in third countries, such as assassinations as in the case of Kashoggi, and many were killed in war zones, usually deliberately by an insurgent group.  Frankly you have to be brave to be a journalist in some countries.  But, the media in the West is immune from such attacks, although they often participate in character assassination.