Status Quo Ante?

Are we returning to an era characterized by anti-Semitism as it was in the 1930’s before WWII.  Here are some cases in point:

  1. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the “Nation of Islam” in America, referred to Jews as “termites” in a speech and this has been repeated on twitter and other social media.  When twitter was asked to remove it, they refused saying they had no policy in place against inhumane speech.  What about racial slurs, if someone compared Blacks to ants I am sure they would remove it immediately.
  2. The Palestine Authority have arrested and interrogated a Palestinian American in Ramallah for selling a house to a Jew.  The house was in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem.  However, there is no law that prevents sale of houses to any one ethnic or religious group.  Furthermore, the PA has no jurisdiction over Jerusalem.  Does this mean we are returning to the Nazi laws that forbade sales of real estate or anything to Jews.
  3. Lara Alqasem, an Arab-American was stopped at Ben Gurion Airport two weeks ago and refused entry to Israel because of her involvement in a leading role in the BDS movement, that is an anti-Israel organization attempting to boycott and destroy Israel.  As a sovereign State Israel has every right to refuse entry to anyone it chooses.  This is certainly true of every state, otherwise why do they have border checks at every airport and point of entry.  In her case two lower courts agreed with the Government’s right to deport her back to the US.  But, in an appeal to the High Court of Justice, the Judges ruled in her favour and agreed that she should be allowed to enter Israel and study at Hebrew University because she has claimed (without any evidence) that she is no longer involved with BDS.  To me this stinks of deliberate manipulation, I am sure that someone like her would not simply change their views and come to study in Israel for innocent reasons.  It is naive of a Jewish Court to accept her at face value.  Let her go back to the States and over time prove she is not connected to BDS.  But, anyway, this shows that the democratic system in Israel works equitably, but I am afraid it is another example of Jewish naivite in the face of clever enemies.
  4. In the UK, the resurgence of left wing anti-Semitism supported by Jeremy Corbyn is in full swing.   Together with Muslim, mainly Pakistani Brits, who have inflitrated the Labour Party, anti-Israel sentiment regularly segues into anti-Semitism without any concern.  And it is clear that this is a major platforom in both domestic and foreign policy of the second largest Party in UK politics.  Are we going back to the “good old days”?