Senator Flakey

In one of the most ridiculous incidents I have ever seen, a woman demonstrator stopped the elevator for senators in the Congress and subjected Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona to a diatribe against the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Judge.  Not only had she no right to do this, but the Capitol police, who were there, did nothing to stop her.  This is “political correctness” taken to its extreme.   But, what is even more incredible, was that Flake continued to listen to her and allow her to shout at him without any response and later changed his vote because of this incident.

Whatever the merits of the case, what happened to due process, is the mob going to rule, to determine how US democracy works, are Senators (without a spine) going to be intimidated by the person who screams the loudest?  And what about security, surely it is illegal for demonstrators to be able to waylay Senators and hold their elevator, what if she had a weapon and didn’t like his response?

In any case, Sen. Flake(y), a key Republican vote on the Committee, who had announced he would vote to approve Kavanaugh, decided to organize a group of moderate Republicans to push for an FBI probe of the issue regarding Judge Kavanaugh.  It seems to me that some sophomoric act, if it occurred, 37 years ago, should not be the linchpin of the decision to appoint.  Further, whatever happened to “innocent before proven guilty” as far as the Democrats and the politically correct are concerned, it is now guilty until proven innocent.  This is a clear case of character assassination, with unproven and unprovable accusations.

As a result of Flake’s turnaround, Pres. Trump ordered an FBI probe into the issue, but it is clear at the outset that there is no forensic evidence, it comes down to she said/he said.  As a compromise, the probe will take only one week.  I doubt that it will resolve anything and the Democrats will continue on their merry way, ignoring due process and the finer details of decorum to make political points.