Netanyahu’s “show and tell”

PM Netanyahu gave his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday, and as usual he had something up his sleeve.  He may not be the favorite speaker at the UN GA, but he is certainly the most entertaining.  Each year he comes up with some new disclosure in the form of a graph or a picture.  In this speech he showed a photograph with the title “Iran’s secret atomic warehouse,” and disclosed that Iran had this secret warehouse, unknown to the IAEA, where it was storing the products of its secret nuclear weapons program.  He also gave the exact location in Tehran.

He pointed out that according to the Iran nuclear agreement,  Iran is supposed to reveal all its nuclear facilities but has not done so.  And he added that even as he was speaking Iran was moving its nuclear products from this warehouse to other sites around the country.  He excoriated the IAEA for not doing its job, for not trying to find where Iran is storing its enriched nuclear products and he urged them to immediately follow up and inspect this facility before it is too late.

Since Israeli agents brilliantly removed the entire contents of a classified Iranian nuclear archive, the Iranians have been trying to move all their nuclear materials.  But, Netanyahu claimed he caught them in the act, and Israel “knows what you are doing and where you are doing it.”  Many people criticize Netanyahu for various political reasons, but there is no doubt that he commands the attention of the world when he gives his characteristically novel speeches at the UN.


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