Why the Palestinians Can’t Win

There are numerous reasons why the Palestinians cannot win in their aim to destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestinian State:

  1. The Palestinians have no industrial capability or potential, they are basically an agrarian people.  Meanwhile Israel has developed many industries, including notably technology and military industries (Rafael, the Israeli armaments manufacturer is one of the most innovative in the world and recently won a billion dollar contract to equip the Australian Defense Forces with modern tank armaments).
  2. The Palestinians want to destroy Israel more than they want to develop their own State, they lack the infrastructure to organize a State.
  3. Palestinian politics is primitive, there is no concept of a loyal opposition as in democracies.  Their rubric is: if you are my enemy I must kill you.  That is why the Palestinians are fractured into many factions and why Fatah and Hamas cannot reconcile.
  4. The Arab States pay lip service to the Palestinian cause, but none of them are prepared to pay what they pledge to donate, and they are certainly not prepared to fight on behalf of the Palestinians.  Those that did in the past were defeated time and time again by the IDF.  Palestinians are not allowed to enter several Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
  5. The Palestinians have been supported from cradle to grave for three generations by international aid, including thru UNRWA.  No wonder they have no motivation to develop themselves, but prefer to break down what others have built.
  6. Palestinian society is basically tribal, certain clans control specific cities
    (Ramallah by the Tawil and Barghouti, Jerusalem by the Nashishibis and Husaynis, Jenin by the Yahya and so on).  Such a  feudal system is outdated.
  7. Palestinian Arabs are Muslims and share with other Muslim societies the tendency towards violence and terrorism.  Their culture is based on shame and death.
  8. The longer the conflict goes on the greater is the gap, economic and military, between Israel and the Palestinian entities.  For example, Israel is a world leader in technology and the Israeli currency, the shekel, is one of the strongest in the world.

Such predictions can be dangerous to make. For example, who predicted that Pres. Sadat of Egypt would make peace with Israel in 1968, or who predicted the downfall of Communism in the Soviet Union.  The lesson of history is that anything can happen.  Yet the idea that the Palestinians will defeat Israel and form a stable country can be dismissed pretty much as fantasy.

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