Can Peace be Mutually Exclusive?

Most enemies of Israel believe and act on the basis that Israel and Palestine are mutually exclusive.  In other words, in order for a State of Palestine to exist Israel must be destroyed.  This is certainly the Palestinian narrative.  Yet, these same people will tell you earnestly that they are in favor of peace and co-existence between peoples.  You can’t have it both ways.

Let’s say for a moment that the Jews do have a legitimate claim to sovereignty in the Land of Israel, as it was originally called.  That is the Israeli narrative – based on the Bible, the Balfour Declaration, 100 years of conflict with the Arabs and the fact that Israel won numerous wars against them (in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 and so on) that were intended to destroy Israel and its Jewish inhabitants (and perpetrate another Holocaust).  That at least is a reasonable basis for a legitimate claim one would think.

Any feasible peace plan would have to accept that Israel does exist and has a perfectly legitimate basis to exist.  So what to do about the oft-defeated Palestinian Arabs, who have based their entire narrative on not making peace but destroying Israel.  This is clearly demonstrated by the refusal of PA Pres. Mahmud Abbas to not only not negotiate with Israel, but also refusing all and any cooperation with the US Trump Administration.

Trump representatives Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt tell us they will soon be ready to present their own peace plan.  It must be a compromise between the two extreme exclusive positions, requiring both sides to compromise.  But, the Palestinian narrative eschews compromise, I don’t think they even have a word in Arabic for compromise.  Their history of violence, shown clearly by the breakdown of Arab society in most so-called Arab countries, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and so on, illustrates this.  The so-called “Arab Spring” in fact turned into an Arab nightmare.

So if the Palestinian Arabs, who have tried valiantly to portray themselves as a separate people from the surrounding Arabs, can only conceive of an exclusive solution, in which they get everything and Israel gets nothing, then of course there can be no peace agreement, whatever clever deal Trump and his representatives comes up with.  The problem is that the Palestinians have been telling the world loud and clear for a long time that the Jews have no legitimate claim to “Palestine,” yet if they compromise that proves that all along they were lying.  Giving up on the whole of “Palestine” means giving up on the very essence of the Palestinian narrative.


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