Prince William’s Visit

Seventy years after British forces were kicked out of our land by Jewish military action, a representative of the British Royal Family has come to visit.  Prince William is the heir presumptive to the throne, so it’s about as close as we can expect to get to the Queen.

As an Israeli, I welcome the Prince, better late than never.  But, as a British citizen I say that I really have no use for monarchic figure heads.   I long ago decided that while I could give my loyalty to the country of Britain, I could not support the monarchy.  I have watched the series “The Crown” chronicling QEII’s reign, and am now going backwards in time, watching the series “Victoria.”  Everything I have seen, the crass wastage while people were starving, the amateurishness of the rulers, the sheer stupidity, for example of deciding to have a fancy dress ball to “help the poor,” it’s all too much.  It seems that all women want is to treated like a Queen, but Queens want to be treated like a woman.

But, to get back to Prince William’s visit, I suppose it is meant to send a signal that relations are now back to “normal” between Israel and the UK.  Of course, the Brits behaved abominably during their Mandate of the Holy Land, that they called Palestine.  The Mandate of the League of Nations and then the UN lasted 28 years, during which the British at first did what they were supposed to do, establish a National Home for the Jews.  But then around 1936 they reversed themselves and did everything they could to ensure that the Jews would get nothing.  They wanted to take Palestine as part of their own Empire. Jewish immigration into Palestine was prevented, leaving the European Jews to their fate, and while Arabs in Palestine were allowed to carry arms, Jews were not!

Fast forward and now we should have good relations, after all we are both democracies, something we gained from the British, and we are both advanced and affluent countries.  The Prince in his visit to Yad Vashem was struck by the enormity of the Holocaust. But, of course, the Prince spent most of his time saying how he favored equal rights for all, Jordanians, Palestinians, Arabs, and of course Jews too.  How nice of him.

Then PW visited Ramallah and the current headlines are that “Prince William Visits Palestinian Refugee Camp in West Bank.”  However, this is factually incorrect.  Everyone agrees that the West Bank is part of Palestine, yet the definition of a refugee is one who leaves his/her country.  Since the West Bank is part of Palestine, people living there are NOT refugees, they are internally displaced, like millions in Syria.  Let’s be correct in our designations, otherwise the news continues to be unreliable and fake.