The Migrant Crisis

All over the Western world from California to Greece there is a migrant crisis.  And this is not merely a function of the economic progress of the West, which in some cases has not been so great (including the southern tier of Europe from Greece to Spain), but rather the fault of the political and economic failure of the Islamic, African and Spanish-American worlds.

All along the southern borders of the EU there are hundreds of thousands of migrants clamoring to get into the EU and particularly the northern EU states (Germany, Scandinavia, Britain).  All along the southern US border there are hundreds of thousands of Central Americans (Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Mexican) clamoring to get into the USA.  But, the fact is that none of the developed Western countries are required to take the vast majority of these economic migrants.  That is not true of so-called refugees who have legitimate political reasons and who can apply for asylum, but they are a small minority of the migrants.  The problem is how to distinguish the latter from the former.

The immigration crisis of 2016-7 resulting from the Syrian and Iraqi civil wars, that resulted in a flood of migrants streaming across Turkey into Greece and thence into the Balkans and trying to make their way mainly to Germany is largely over.  This is because the Assad regime has largely won the Syrian civil war, the Iraqi civil war is largely over and Germany took over a million immigrants.  But, now in Europe the flow is more from Libya, which is a failed state with no effective government, and hundreds of thousands of Black Africans and North Africans  are streaming thru Libya across the Mediterranean mainly to Italy.

Several Governments have closed their borders, against EU policy, including Serbia, Hungary, and now Italy.  The current more right-wing government in Italy has said it can take no more migrants.  The ship Aquarius filled with a thousand migrants was refused entry to Italy and France and ended up in Spain.  Two other ships are following this.  The Italian Government is right in that the pro-migrant organizations are in effect operating a taxi service, taking migrants from boats off Libya to Italy,  Certainly it is laudable to save lives, but there is simply no more space for all these people.  They should be off-loaded in Libya, not Europe.  This is the only way to stem the tide.

In the US, the mistaken policy of separating children from their parents, that was introduced during the Obama Administration, has now been rescinded by Pres. Trump.  But, drastic measures are indeed needed to re-establish the southern US border, and if it takes building a wall, so be it.  Yes, the US was built by immigrants, but times have changed.  Crime and drugs are clearly a major component of the neglect of the southern border by previous US Administrations.  As a legal immigrant to the US, I resent these thousands of illegal immigrants expecting to be able to enter the US without due process.  Let there be immigrants, but let them only be legal according to US law.