Incendiary kites

The Hamas terrorist organization that controls Gaza has tried everything, rockets, attack tunnels, mobs attacking the border, but none of their attempts have brought them any nearer to destroying Israel.  That is their clear and stated aim, not to build a State, but to destroy one.  Now they have resorted to incendiary kites or explosive balloons.

At least Fatah, the major component of the PLO, that controls the Palestine Authority (PA) on the West Bank have gone through the motions of dealing with Israel.  They pretended to recognize Israel some years ago, although they never actually changed their Charter that calls for Israel’s destruction.  But, at least they also try civil means to undermine Israel, thru international agencies like the UN.  But, Hamas don’t even make this pretense.

Their latest tactic is to fly incendiary kites and balloons rigged with explosives over the Gaza border into Israel. These devices are of course deliberately made to cause fires and explosions to kill people.  A group of children found an exploding balloon, as described in the Jerusalem Post today, but luckily they had been warned not to touch them, and a sapper team was called to defuse it.  Numerous fires have been caused by the incendiary devices, because it is very hot and dry in Israel at this time.

The IDF fired warning shots at teams of men preparing to launch these devices.  But, they avoided killing them.  The Israeli Cabinet met yesterday to discuss the latest tactic, but came to no decision.  It would be easy to wipe out the terrorists launching these weapons of war, but at every turn Israel has to consider world public opinion that is entirely against whatever Israel does to defend itself.  Make no mistake these are weapons of war,  they have burnt many acres of food crops, and are intended to kill.  Israel will defend itself effectively, and in the end this latest tactic will be no more than a pinprick against Israel,  Neither Hamas no the PA, nor their Iranian and Western backers will achieve their main aim of harming Israel.

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