Evaluating Gaza

Two things haven’t worked for many years, the so-called peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, and the so-called BDS movement against Israel. That includes and is based upon a liberal-leftist attitude that says that Israel uses disproportionate force against the poor, desperate Palestinians.  But, this biased view is wrong on several counts.  I once used to believe, maybe seen from the perspective of a Diaspora Jew, that it would be possible to reason with these critics of Israel.  But, now I see from the perspective of an Israeli that it is not worth the effort.  Their basically anti-Semitic animus cannot be reasoned with.

Take for instance the recent rioting by Palestinian Arabs near the Gaza border with Israel.  THEY were attacking US.  Our border guards were defending the borders of our sovereign land.  No country in the world would allow a hostile mob to breach its border and pour into the country to carry out kidnapping, mayhem and murder.  Furthermore, Hamas spokesmen have admitted not only that the so-called demonstrations were not peaceful (duh!) but that most of those killed by targeted Israeli fire (50 out of 62) were in fact Hamas members (armed and trained terrorists, but not wearing uniform).

Well, we all knew this, even the liberal media writing their columns and the TV cameramen taking their pictures knew this.  But, it is the perceived liberal wisdom, the well-accepted story that is completely opposite to the truth.  They were not poor, desperate civilians, they were an organized mob lead by Hamas terrorists, and they were not killed indiscriminately, but only if they approached the fence or if they fired at the IDF guards.  Think how differently this would have been reported if it were a Mexican mob attacking the US border.  Would they have been described as “poor and desperate” and the US response as “disproportionate.”  Indeed one can predict that the number of casualties (62 out of up to 30,000 a day is really indeed very small) would have been far higher.

Meanwhile, Israel was the host to the Giro D’Italia, the prestigious cycling event; Israel defeated Iran’s aggression from Syria; Pres. Trump ditched the Iran nuclear deal; Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and an Israeli, Netta Barzilai, won the Eurovision Song Contest, voted for by millions of people around the world.  Life goes on, and in the final analysis who cares about the Gaza riots.  Hamas may have won the PR war, but the IDF prevented the incursion of these angry, destructive mobs into Israel, and that ‘s what really counts.  In a few years, this little Palestinian tantrum will be forgotten.  Israel hit back and destroyed about 30 Hamas facilities (hardly reported) and Hamas is running out of options.  They can win as many PR battles as they like, but it won’t get them any nearer to their tactical political goals.