The Mueller Probe

The Mueller Probe is now a year old, and it has nothing to show for the millions of dollars spent on lawyers, interviews and investigations.  There is no evidence whatsoever that the Trump campaign colluded in any way with the Russians to subvert the US electoral process.

The whole scheme looks like it was concocted to cover-up the misdeeds of the Obama Administration in actively using Government facilities, including the FBI and the Dept. of Justice, in trying to compromise the Trump campaign and to prevent an investigation into the truly serious criminal misdeeds of Hillary Clinton.   Given that attack is the best form of defense, that’s what the Democrats have done to avoid damage to their favorite candidate, a truly rapacious woman.

It has now been revealed that the Obama Administration had an FBI agent infiltrate the Trump campaign to look for dirt against him.  This is a serious misuse of authority, expected only in a police state.  And the Democrats used a British counter-intelligence officer to find dirt on Trump and used his Report as a basis for a US Govt. probe, without revealing the questionable source and the political bias.  Now it has also been revealed that the Democratic campaign used a British professor to try to compromise the Trump campaign.  Maybe they thought that if they did all this via Britain they would be less likely to be found out.  But, the hens come home to roost.  They have been found out, and Obama and Democratic operatives should go to jail.

First, the Mueller probe, that has been going in ever-increasing circles, should be stopped and disbanded.  Second, former FBI and Justice Dept. officials involved in highly partisan actions to try to deny Trump the election should be tried, and thirdly Hillary Clinton  should be investigated for the use of a private server for secret Government information when she was Secty. of State, and she should be tried and sent to jail.  Hopefully that won’t take another year.