The Basic Facts and the UNRWA scam

Whose home?  Let’s suppose you take over a house as squatters, and then find out that the real former owners have come to take it back.  You fight over it, and you lose.  But, instead of accepting the reality, you keep coming back again, and again, and again to try to take it over.  You are sore losers and you are obsessed by this house and lose all sense of proportions, this becomes your raison d’etre.  That’s the Palestinians (don’t just believe me, read “The dream palace of the Arabs” by Fuad Ajami). Whatever you think about the rights and wrongs of the situation, face the reality, get real, Israel is a sovereign State and is here to stay and will rightfully defend itself.

The two-state solution?  Most good liberals in the West and many countries have a policy that the “two-state solution” will resolve the conflict.  And most believe that the Palestinians want a two-state solution, while Israel is against it. But, that is absolutely not the case.  On at least two occasions Israel has offered a two-state solution (under PM’s Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert), but the Palestinians rejected it.  The fact is that even though they may say they want peace with Israel, it is clearly and definitely Palestinian ideology to destroy Israel and replace it with an Arab State.  Only by facing this reality, and the fact that Israel cannot be beaten by the Palestinians, nor any combination of Arabs, can the real situation be faced.  It is only the belligerence of Iran and its declared intention to develop nuclear weapons that currently threatens Israel and war in the Middle East.  Iran must be stopped!

The UNRWA scam.  A refugee is one who leaves their country, not including their descendants.  But, UNRWA changed the definition for the Palestinians only, so that instead of decreasing with time, as all other refugee problems do, the Palestinian refugee problem actually increases with time!  This is how UNRWA perpetuates the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  Not only that, many of the so-called refugees are in Gaza and the West Bank, which were part of the former Palestine Mandate, so they have not actually left their country, so they do not qualify as refugees.  It’s all a scam.  Your tax dollars have been keeping the Palestinians from cradle to grave for many years, so they have plenty of time to riot and throw stones at Israel.  Note that UNRWA closed their schools over the past few weeks to allow their pupils to attack the Israeli border.  UNRWA is a fully engaged part of the Palestinian movement, and it is paid for by US dollars.  The wealthy Arab states have paid only a small portion of the cost of UNRWA.

Under what flag?  And although Pres. Trump has reduced aid payments to the PA, due to their payments to terrorists and their families if they are killed (the Taylor Force Act), the US still supports the Palestinians while they are carrying out violent anti-Israel and anti-American acts.  An example was the rioting by West Bank Arabs in an attempt to disrupt the proceedings of the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.  They burnt the US flag, while the US is paying for their very existence.  Talking about flags, during the riots near the Gaza-Israel border, flags were seen with the Nazi swastika on them flying next to the Palestinian flag.  Also, a few days ago it was reported that at a Nazi rally in Germany, they flew the Palestinian flag.  They are true allies.



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