Jerusalem Day

It was Jerusalem Day on May 13, commemorating the reunification of the City in 1967, and the following day was Jerusalem’s Day, the official opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, transferred from Tel Aviv.  For this we have to thank Pres, Trump, fulfilling his promise, the first President to do so.  But, it was difficult to view the ceremony because the liberal media preferred to show split screens and constant analysis of the rioting of Arabs along the Gaza a border with Israel.

The publicity stratagem of Hamas worked, get enough Arabs killed (including women and children) and you can get headlines, TV coverage and suddenly you’re back in the spotlight.  How many Arab lives are worth a minute of TV coverage?  The current estimate is about 30.  Of course, these deaths need not have happened if the civilians had indeed demonstrated peacefully away from the border.  But as the videos showed they were intent on storming the border and trying to breach it.  They had been warned many times by leaflets that doing so would result in live fire from the IDF guards, but their leaders urged them on.  It was pathetic to see the Security Council standing in silence to protest these deaths, when in fact as the White House spokesman said, Hamas was fully responsible for these deaths.

Many of the commentators stated that the day called by the Palestinians Nakba or Catastrophe Day was happening on Israel Independence Day, but that was incorrect.  Israel Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut) took place on April 19.  These riots at the border were scheduled to coincide with the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem in order to draw attention away from that.  But, this was not a too early development as some suggested, the Jerusalem Embassy Act was promulgated in 1995, so this move was in fact delayed for 23 years by Arab and anti-Israel forces.  Israel was the only country in the world whose self-selected capital was not recognized as such.

Yes, a lot of Arabs lived in Jerusalem, but there was a war fought in 1948, which everybody expected the Arabs to win, and they were expected to massacre the Jews (after the Holocaust who cared).  But, it didn’t work out like that.  The Jews won, Israel was declared a State and Jerusalem was and is its capital and will be forever.  So other Embassies will soon follow the US and move to Jerusalem, despite the rioting.  I don’t know about you, but I am fed up seeing this continued rioting.  They deserve what they get.  Media fatigue has set in and most people have lost interest.  Last night IAF jets attacked Hamas targets in Gaza and exacted severe damage.  This is a lesson to Hamas, don’t mess with us.  Really what have they gained by these riots?  Nothing beyond publicity.