“Engagement” is a word that has been bandied around in relation to the Iran nuclear deal (known as JCPOA).  As used by former Pres. Obama, it meant trying to engage nations that were outside what is considered the normal range of civilized international behavior, such as Iran and North Korea.  In order to bring them back into the fold, Obama was prepared to deal with them, to negotiate and make concessions, in order to persuade them that the US wasn’t so bad after all.  That is what he did with Iran over the nuclear deal, although with North Korea even that approach did not succeed.  In opposing the decision by Pres. Trump to reject the Iran deal, UN Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini declared that what is needed is not rejection but “engagement.”

Another synonym for “engagement” is “appeasement.”  This is the policy that was used by UK PM Neville Chamberlain in 1938 towards Adolf Hitler.  He and many others believed that anyone could be dealt with and negotiated with, after all they are normal human beings, just like us.  The fact is that he was wrong, this policy was disastrous, it was based on the false assumption that Hitler was not really evil, he did not want to go to war, and he did not really want to take over the world!  Wrong!  Unfortunately the same can be said of the Ayatollahs of Shia Islam, who are evil, who do want to develop nuclear weapons, who do want to take over the Middle East and the world, and who are prepared to go to war in order to do so.

Here is an incredible fact, Israel and Saudi Arabia, two formerly mortal enemies, who both see the threat of Iranian power, who exemplify the Middle Eastern proverb that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  The true nature of the Iranian threat has caused these two former enemies to draw together and to both applaud Pres. Trump’s step to reject the Iran deal.  It was Obama’s disastrous policy of engagement with Iran, that forced these two enemies together, and it is Trump’s policy of rejection of that deal that will lead to a coalition of the US, Israel and  Saudi Arabia joining together to defeat the expansion aims of Shia Iran to dominate the region.

If by changing the policy of engagement to one of opposition, Pres. Trump can cause Kim Jong-un of N. Korea to reverse his poicies of confrontation and nuclear blackmail, then it is past time to do the same with Iran.  There is no reason on earth why a powerful and moral country like the USA should make concessions to an evil and fascist dictatorship like Iran, any more than there was for Chamberlain to make concessions to Hitler.



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