Trump rejects Iran nuclear deal

In a clear and decisive speech Pres. Trump outlined his reasons for rejecting the Iran nuclear deal (known as the JCPOA) that was signed 3 years ago under Pres. Obama with the UN, Germany, Russia, China, the UK, France and Iran.  The leaders of France and Germany and the UK’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have been calling on Pres Trump in order to persuade him not to exit from the deal.  But, for the reasons he outlined, as he had explained during his campaign for President and since, Trump has ignored their advice and rejected this “terrible deal.”  

In doing so he is taking a stand that makes him the true leader of the free world, standing not only against the mullah dictators of Iran, but also against the thuggish Kim Jun-un in North Korea, who has been threatening his neighbors and the US with nuclear tipped missiles.  As Trump pointed out, nothing in the deal that was agreed to prevents Iran from developing nuclear weapons and nothing restricts their development of ICBMs that they would not hesitate to use against Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

Just as Kim blinked first in his face-off with Trump, we hope the Iran regime does the same.  But, if they don’t they will face extensive and extreme sanctions, which their economy and their people can ill afford.  Trump emphasized that this includes anyone who trades with Iran.  The European countries jumped in quickly after the deal was signed, and especially Germany, our old friend, has been busy trading with Iran.  Could it be self-interest that led the Europeans to make the deal and then suddenly become Iran’s major trading partners.  Of course, not!  

Once the US has put its cards on the table, and if the Iranians refuse to budge, two things can happen.  Either the Europeans, having lost their deals, will turn around and back the US, thus pushing Iran into a corner, or there could be a war  We all hope not, but certainly if Trump had not acted, after the deal expired in 7 years time, there would have been a much greater chance of a war with a nuclear Iran.  The alternatives are a turn-around by the regime, very unlikely, or regime change, namely the Iranian people will finally overthrow the repressive Shia regime that has brought them to the brink of economic collapse and suicidal war.  We live in interesting times.