Pompeo Dives In

Mike Pompeo was confirmed as Secty. of State and inducted into the position by Pres. Trump, and immediately set out on a tour of the Middle East.  Having dealt with North Korea, by taking a secret trip there that resulted in the North-South meeting and the soon-to-be-announced meeting between Kim Jong-un and Pres. Trump, Pompeo is now grappling with the menace of a resurgent Shia Iran.

Mike Pompeo is quite an impressive individual.  He was first in his class at West Point, obtained a law degree at Harvard, served as a Representative in the Congress from Kansas for three terms and was most recently the Head of the CIA.  Some people deride Trump for being less intelligent than the average American, but that certainly cannot be said about Pompeo and other of Trump’s appointees.

Now Pompeo has to deal with the issue of the nuclear agreement with Iran (the so-called JCPOA) and with Iran’s resurgent missile and terrorist activities.   The relationship between Iran and North Korea cannot be ignored, its clear that Iran received a lot of help from Kim Jong-un, as did Syria previously.  It makes no sense to allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon in 7 years knowing its intent to takeover the Middle East and destroy Israel.  By then its missiles will be ICBM’s capable of striking the USA and that should certainly arouse US fears.  Let’s hope that Secty. Pompeo with Pres. Trump will be up to the task.