Abbas’ Anti-Semitism

The New York Times, long known for its pro-Palestinian leftist stance, has called for the President of the Palestine Authority, Mahmud Abbas, to resign.  The reason is that he gave a speech to the Palestine National Council, that meets very rarely, in which he expressed classical anti-Semitic views.  He stated that the reason the Jews were killed in the Holocaust we because of their money-lending.  It’s always easy to blame the victims for their own murder, it lets the haters of Jews off the hook.  No, the Germans didn’t do it, the Jews did it to themselves!  While I agree that Abbas is anti-Semitic and that he should resign, I think this is too little, too late from the NYT.

Abbas did his PhD Thesis in Moscow University back in the 1960’s and his topic was essentially Holocaust denial.  Throughout the years Abbas has made many remarks that can be categorized as anti-Semitic, so why is the NYT upset now?  In fact, I challenge anyone to ask any Palestinian that you know or meet whether they agree with Abbas or not and you will see that anti-Semitic views are widely held among Palestinians. and indeed among Muslims in general.

Never mind that Abbas was elected as President until 2006 and he is still in office illegally 12 years later, never mind that he has opposed all of Pres. Trump’s initiatives, and indeed has stated openly anti-American views.  Never mind that billions of dollars have been poured into the PA by the US and others and that the corruption of the PA is well-known to all Palestinians, let alone the NYT.  But, now he has gone too far for the NYT.  The only reason one can see for this turnaround is that the NYT has become too pro-Palestinian even for their own taste and need to try to show some hint of objectivity. Otherwise they might be considered anti-Semitic themselves.

There are two corollaries to this “blame the victim” scenario.  If the Jews were responsible for their own fate, perhaps the Palestinians are also responsible for their miserable and unenviable condition.  Also, now that Pres. Trump is coming forward with his plan for peace in the Middle East, and in a preliminary leak is apparently proposing that Israel give up four neighborhoods of Jerusalem to the Palestinians, maybe Abbas should reject this too.  The Palestinians always shoot themselves in the foot.