Iran Lied!

In a stunning presentation, PM Netanyahu revealed that Israel has somehow managed to copy and remove ca. 50,000 documents and many CD’s from a well-guarded storage vault in Iran.  That is an astounding achievement for Israel’s intelligence services and allows Netanyahu to reveal to the world that Iran has continued to amass nuclear related materials for potential future use.  In fact, this material is related to the secret Iranian nuclear weapons program that ran between 1999-2003 called Project Amad, that they denied existed.

According to the nuclear deal that Iran signed in 2015 with the US, Russia, China, France, UK and Germany, know as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA, Iran is not only supposed to stop all nuclear weapons activities, but also not to retain prior date and facilities for all such programs, which it even denied having.   So Netanyhau’s main message was that “Iran lied.”  Now, of course, this will not be a surprise to most people, but those who are even mildly anti-Israel will doubt the veracity of Netanyahu’s statements.  But, the fact is that Iran has threatened multiple times that it intends to bomb Israel and destroy it.  Now that these revelations support the contention that Iran is still biding time to restart its nuclear weapons program, and furthermore has been testing ICBM’s in cooperation with North Korea, and is supporting terrorism around the Middle East (including Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, the Houthis in Yemen among others),  there is certainly no reason to trust the Iranian regime.

In two weeks Pres. Trump has to certify US support for the JCPOA, if he chooses not to, then the whole agreement will be in jeopardy.  Since on numerous  occasions Trump has called this agreement the worst agreement that the US has ever signed, the likelihood is that he will not certify continued US support for the JCPOA.  In that case, as proposed by Pres. Macron of France, it should be possible to go back to negotiations with Iran to attempt to hammer out a new deal, one that will not allow Iran to legitimately be able to develop a nuclear bomb in 7 years according to the current JCPOA, and that will also curb Iran’s missile program.  Now that North Korea seems to be caving under Trump’s threats of military action, perhaps the time has come to increase the pressure on Iran.