US State Dept. Hides UNRWA Report

As a result of information largely exposed by David Bedein of the Israel Information Center and presented to Congress showing that UNRWA, the UN agency exclusively devoted to Palestinian so-called refugees, is massively misusing US aid, the State Dept. under Pres., Obama in 2012 was tasked by Congress with carrying out its own investigation.  Apart from the issues of UNRWA using text books in its schools that teach hatred for Jews and glorify martyrdom, teaching violent activities in its summer camps for kids, storing weapons in its facilities, and having Hamas members on its staff, the main topic was what really is the number of refugees.

UNRWA counts as many as 5 million so-called refugees, that includes the children, grand-children, great-grandchildren and all descendants of the original Palestinians who left the area of Palestine as a result of Arab wars against the Palestinian Jews who became the Israelis.  But, UNRWA is the only organization in the world that classifies the descendants of those that actually were displaced as refugees, all other organizations including the UN itself and the US classify refugees as only those who actually left their country as a result of conflict.  Furthermore, many of these refugees never left their country, but are settled in Gaza and the West Bank, part of Palestine, and therefore are not classified as refugees, but are classified as internally displaced.  On this basis the actual number of genuine refugees today is not 5 million but more like 50,000 or less.  Since its inception in 1950, the US has paid 6 billion dollars to UNRWA for support of  those refugees on a per capita basis that it doesn’t even recognize as being refugees!  This is American citizen’s US tax dollars being misused and furthermore supporting an agency that is in effect a subsidiary of the Hamas Islamist terrorist organization.  Your tax dollars at work?

What is at issue now is that although the  Report on UNRWA practices was finished in 2015, the State Dept. continues to classify it as secret and refuses to release it to Congress that mandated it.  This even under the Trump Administration, showing how holdovers from the Obama Administration still determine policy.  Now dozens of Congressmen have signed a letter trying to force State to release the Report.  What it will show is that millions of US tax dollars have been misused and misappropriated in order to subsidize a terrorist organization dedicated to the killing of Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel, rather than going to support genuine refugees.  It’s very nice that the USA under Trump is going to move the US Embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, But, at the same time it is funding Israel’s terrorist enemy, Hamas, and by the way an organization and a people who are virulently anti-American.  If that isn’t absurd, what is?



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