“The March of Return”?

The Gazans have called their on-going series of demonstrations, protests and riots near the border with Israel, “The March of Return.”  It is clear to all commentators that this is not simply a demonstration to be taken at face value, but is in fact a massive PR effort to draw attention back to the Palestinian conflict, since media attention has been focused on many other developments in the Arab world, including particularly the Syrian Civil war, the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in that war, the on-going civil wars in Iraq, Yemen and Libya, the defeat of IS, the expansion of Iranian military power, the clash between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and so on.

There are reports that Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza, is not behind these demonstrations.  What naive nonsense, nothing happens in Gaza without Hamas approval and certainly nothing of this scale could be organized without Hamas control.  Also, what are the aims here, in order to attract world media attention, Palestinians have to die, it’s as simple as that, the more the better.  So Hamas, as it usually does, sends its operatives in dressed as civilians with many other civilians as shields, in order to try to breach the Israeli border fence.  They use rocks, burning tires, Molotov cocktails and bombs,

According to reports about two-thirds of the 32 casualties so far have been Hamas operatives.  The total death count is very small given that this has been going on for weeks and Israel has issued notice that any attempt to breach the border will be met with live fire.  In fact, even today the IDF again dropped notices to the demonstrators reminding them of this fact.  Given the incredible loss of thousands of Arab lives in the Syrian conflict and elsewhere this toll in Gaza fades by comparison.  Imagine how many casualties the IDF could inflict on these thousands of demonstrators if it wanted to, just by shelling or strafing them.  But, if you want to blame anyone for killing Palestinians blame Assad.  His forces are besieging the Yarmouk Palestinian camp near Damascus and have begun another assault using artillery and barrel bombs against the camp,  There are over 100,000 mostly Palestinians in the camp.  Where are the Western liberal protests about the thousands of Palestinians being killed there?

But, in any case this desperate attempt for publicity at the price of dead Palestinians will not avail them.  Hamas has tried all sorts of means to attack Israel, terrorism, military attack, rockets, tunnels, and now simply flinging themselves against a well-defended border barrier.  After 70 years don’t you think the world has grown somewhat weary of these primitive tactics.


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