Comey’s vengeance

So James Comey has written his tell-it-all book and not surprisingly it is vehemently anti-Trump.  So it proves that all along he was in fact anti-Trump, although as FBI Director he was supposed to be neutral.  He likens Trump to a Mafia boss, yet neglects to mention that he was elected President of the USA by a majority of the voters.  Also, his exposures of Trump’s supposedly salacious activities in Russia and elsewhere will probably boomerang, since it all sounds like a get-even vengeance tale.

Just as the Mueller Investigation, that supposedly started as an inquiry into possible collusion of the Trump election campaign with Russia, has now ballooned into an all-purpose Democratic get-Trump at any price desperate campaign.  So we are distracted from the very serious accusations against Hillary Clinton, of exposing Government secrets by using an open private server instead of a protected Government one as required by law.  Yet Comey and his fellow conspirators failed to act on that case, managed to divert attention from Hillary and put it squarely on Trump.

I have no doubt that Trump is not a perfect individual, I know that he is vain, egocentric and sexually active.  He may have had questionable financial dealings, etc. etc.  But, that is far from the point.  The question is did his campaign collude with Russia, and after many months of politically motivated investigations by Congress the answer is that there is no evidence of this.  Meanwhile Hillary gets away with serious crimes because she had friends in high places, one of them being Comey.